3 Tests to identify your skin type

3 Tests To Identify Your Skin Type-Beauty Tips-YesGulf

There are seven billion people in world and every person have a different skin type. People use many beauty products and take skin treatments even without knowing their exact skin type which leads to serious skin infections. Skin is the most sensitive part of a human body and its importance is equal for both men and women. In our busy routines, we totally ignore our skin and this ignorance cause severe problems in future.

There are five skin types majorly including Dry skin, Extra Dry skin, Oily Skin, Clogged skin and Normal skin. Majority of people are unaware of their skin type and use inappropriate remedies which do not even suit their skin type. Here are three easy test to check your real skin type that involves:

Test with a tissue paper:

This is most commonly used test to check the skin type and proved to be useful. It is the simplest way which can save us from serious skin disasters. Just wash your face and leave it for an hour then take a tissue paper and fold it. Keep this tissue paper on area like sides of your nose, upper lips or forehead for 2, 3 minutes. Do not rub the tissue paper on the surface of the skin. Now remove the tissue and examine it.
Oily Skin: This skin type will leave very visible patterns on tissue papers and if you will touch it with finger, it feels sticky.

Dry Skin:

This will leave no traces and it’s the most sensitive type of skin. It cannot bear burns and wrinkles will start to appear in a very early age.

Clogged Skin:

This type of skin is difficult to handle. It will leave black or white traces on the tissue paper which cause pimples and blackheads in the skin.

Normal Skin:

It’s a very rare skin type in such polluted world. One in 20 people in whole world population possess normal skin. It will leave very faint traces on the tissue paper.
Extra Dry Skin: It will also leave no traces and the sensitivity level is one step ahead of the dry skin.

A magnify Glass Mirror:

It seems so tricky by name but it’s the easiest way to identify your skin type. The commonly used wall mirrors and less amount of lightening in rooms misleads us about our real skin. The magnify glass mirror costs a bit more than the usual one but it helps you a lot to understand the problems of your skin. The magnify glass mirror will expose everything from white or blackheads to a pimple and the aging cracks in your skin. Very few people pass this magnify mirror test. It will highlight the hidden oil inside your skin and also identify the clogging which doesn’t occur on skin but damages inside.

The pH Testing:

The pH test seems like a scientific testing process but it’s a very easy method to check your skin type. Anyone can easily buy a litmus paper from a nearby medical store and can test the skin type at home. “pH” is basically the hydrogen particles and if they increase, cause alkalinity and if decrease, cause acidity. It has value in number from 0 to 14 and 7 is appropriate value which shows the perfect balance of alkalinity and acidity. For testing your skin type, simply wash your face and after an hour, leave litmus paper strip on your nose. Litmus paper will turn rosy red for dry skin and it shows the acidic nature of skin. If litmus paper turns totally red, it shows the extra dry skin. In case of oily skin, litmus paper will turn blue and value will be lower than 7 and its more alkaline in nature. Clogged skin is even more alkaline than the oily. If litmus paper remain pink and value is 7 and that would be the normal skin among all.