3 Intelligent Ways To Tackle Kids Correctly

3 Intelligent Ways To Tackle Kids Correctly-YesGulf

I still remember when I was a kid, I hated when my parents constantly checked my school bag, my closet and even checked under the bed. They constantly questioned me about everything until my brain stopped working. I felt over protected and really felt sad that they do not trust me. The most awful feeling is when your child starts feeling that way. The biggest reason is your overprotectiveness which leads to constant questioning and invasion into your child’s life. Trust me, you do not need to sit and watch your child all the time while he is playing in the garden or when he is playing games online. Always remember that overprotective parents raise the biggest liars. So, cut your child some slack and instead of acting like a detective and always staying paranoid, adopt these smart ways to ensure your child is safe:

Explain everything in detail-YesGulf

Explain everything in detail:

No matter how stupid it seems, you must take the pain of explaining everything to your child so that he is always clear about the consequences he will have to face for doing something he is not allowed. Instead of telling him that you will take away his favorite toy if he steals candies from the drawer, tell him that it is going to damage his teeth and how he will have to be taken to the dentist for treatment which will be painful. Tell him that he is only allowed to eat with permission so you can keep a track. Likewise, if you do not want your teenage kids to indulge in certain activities then better explain them in detail the consequences they will have to bear instead of telling them they will be grounded if they do so.

Get to know their friends-YesGulf

Get to know their friends:

It is completely normal to be paranoid about who your child is befriending but it is not normal to constantly question them about the habits of their friends. They are not stupid enough to tell you the truth. The best strategy to find out who your child is hanging out with is to arrange a party or activities for kids and invite his friends to your home. It will give you a better idea of who your child’s friends are. You will surely have to deal with a lot of noise and a lot of mess to clean but at least you will know the little cute monsters your child is hanging out with.

Give them space-YesGulf

Give them space:

If your child loves playing games for children on laptop, then instead of staring at your child’s screen constantly while he plays, use a parental control like Net Nanny and block all the inappropriate sites. This will give you permanent relief from distressing thoughts about your child’s protection online. When you stop supervising your kid unnecessarily, he will feel unconditional love for you as he will feel that you trust your child completely. Moreover, he will respect you for not invading his privacy and will in return not invade your privacy.