Your next Shisha Cafe in Dubai

Shisha cafe in Dubai

Shisha is a common pass time practice for people all over the world. Whenever you are on holiday or simply trying to let your hair loose, there’s nothing as good as relaxing in a shisha café with other shisha lovers. Here is a list of the best shisha cafes in Dubai that you should be on the lookout for:-

  • Smoky Beach, JBR – The smoky bar is located at the Jumeirah beach residence and is known for its outdoor placement. They also have a great menu which allows you to eat and drink while smoking shisha. Smoking shisha with friends while feeling the ocean breeze play in your face and hair has never been more relaxing.

2)      ShadesShades is one of the best shisha cafes in Dubai that is loved for its party vibe. It is located at the outdoor pool of Hotel Dubai Marina and offers top shisha. The place is also well known for its beautiful views as you sit outside and smoke shisha while having a nice time with friends.

3)      Marbaiya Restaurant & Café – This shisha café is opened 24 hours and also known for its great food. It has a party vibe to it and is located at Al Daai Street, Marina walk. It is not your usual quiet atmosphere and if this is how you want to spend your time smoking shisha, it is the place to be.

4)      The Kana CafeThe Kana Café is well known for its extensive shisha menu. It has got unique flavors listed on it including Redbull and cappuccino.  The shisha café is also known for its great juices and tea and can accommodate up to 350 people. It is often packed and will need you to get there early to get a perfect table. The café has got both an indoor and outdoor setting that offers a relaxed atmosphere for shisha smokers.

5)      Piccolo Mondo Bay – Piccolo Mondo Bay is a shisha café that has got the perfect interior welcoming yet cozy design for any shisha lover. It has priceless art in it that gives it a cultural vibe. It also has an outdoor setting by the water where you can relax and smoke shisha with your buddies. The café has got fantastic relaxing scenarios that make it a great attraction for shisha lovers.

6)      Buhayra Lounge – This is an outdoor shisha bar that is located right outside Palace Downtown Hotel near Dubai Mall. It has comfy seats, great scenario and also a good Arab food menu. The café is opened daily from 8:00am- 2:00am and is well known for its vibrant yet hype upbeat atmosphere.

7)       Shimmers – Shimmers has got one of the best shisha menus with different flavors to choose from. It is by the beach and located at the Madinat Jumeirah. It has the perfect outdoor setting for shisha lovers but is known to be quite pricy. However the beach view where you can watch the sunset while smoking shisha with your friends makes up for it.