Windows 10 Available for PC & Tablet from 29 July

Windows 10 Available for PC & Tablet from 29 July-yesGulf

Microsoft has recently made a confirmation announcement that it will start shipment of Windows 10 from 29 July around the globe. Windows 10 is also the new big update from Microsoft of its currently running window. It is designed on a unifying platform that will offer continuity on tablets, mobiles, desktop systems and even on the Xbox One gaming console. If you already have Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed on your desktop or laptop, you will be able to upgrade it free for the first year. Microsoft has also launched a “reservation” system that will allow the users to easily sign up for free upgrade. They will be notified about the update when it will be available for them to install effortlessly.

Features of Windows 10-Yesgulf

Features of Windows 10

The new update of Microsoft Windows 10 will be fully equipped with some latest features that will surely dazzle its users with a surprise. I have discussed some of its features below:

Microsoft Edge-Yesgulf

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new successor for Internet Explorer. Its design is the collaboration of various tools and minimalism. It also has a built-in integration with Cortana.

Built-in Microsoft Office in Windows 10-YesGulf

Built-in Microsoft Office

The new version of Microsoft Windows will also have a built-in Microsoft Office. It means that you will not have to install MS Office Word, PowerPoint and Excel separately.

Xbox App in Windows 10-Yesgulf

Xbox App

It will also have an Xbox App with multiple functions like gameplay recording, interacting with Xbox friends and stream Xbox games on your PC or laptop with ease.

Windows Continuum in Windows-YesGulf

Windows Continuum

An extraordinary app that will help you jump between multiple Windows 10 devices and let you use your smartphone just like a personal computer using external input devices.

Windows 10 Login Screen-Yesgulf

Windows Login

It is a new login technique which will use your face, fingerprint recognition or iris to get you logged in instead of a password. It will completely depend on your hardware support of the program.

Microsoft has done everything it can to make the transition of this new update smooth and make sure to its users that it is more user friendly than the previous applications. So, don’t wait and reserve your free upgrade of this new Microsoft Windows 10 for your PC, laptop and tablet before its launch date.