Widowed and divorced women now to be granted one-year visa in UAE

Published: 2018-06-20 4:48 PM | Yesgulf

Widowed and divorced women now to be granted one year visa in UAE - Widowed and divorced women now to be granted one-year visa in UAE

To ensure stability for the families in UAE, a new visa has been designed. Many changes have been made to the visa system in UAE. Widowed and divorced women who have been living on a dependent visa, will be able to keep on living in UAE for one year.

According to Gulf Business, this decision have been approved by Council of Ministers in UAE. This idea will be implemented by the end of this year. It was approved in this very week.

The women will be able to get the one-year visa validity from the date of divorce or husband’s death. It will enable the women’s children to live in UAE also. Women will no longer have to leave the country if they are unable to get the employment visa after divorce or death of the husband.

In addition, another change has been made in the visa policy. People affected by war and disease will also be able to avail a one-year visa. Changes are focused to provide stability to the families.

Moreover, the visa rules have been made more lenient. Job seekers will be able to get a temporary six-month visa. Whereas, transit passengers will be provided with a free 48 hours stay visa.

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