Why Portrait Art appeals to majority?

Why Portrait Art appeals to majority

Portrait art is not something new but why people are still attracted towards it? It is assumed that some people are fascinated by the message given in that art while others are engrossed towards the materials used to make portrait art. Even a single stroke of a brush in any art or any new material used can attract the interest of a person.

From 14th century BC till now, people still get captivated by the portrait art. To understand the portrait art, all that is required is an open mind and imagination. Yes! It looks easy but everyone cannot easily understand an art and the meaning hidden behind it.

Portrait art can represent different people, objects, incidents or stories. Since ancient times, artists have painted multiple entities to express their work. A portrait can be a sculpture, a painting, a form of photography or any other representation of a person, in which face is the main focal point.

Use of Material or Meaning?

To create top quality art you need a high quality material and equipment. Many people believe that ancient portrait art is more valuable and inimitable than the later. Use of materials, like pastels and oil usually created such contrast of colors earlier that is unavailable today. While some people are more concerned about the connotation behind that art. Whereas choosy people are not only concerned about message but material also.

Another interesting thing about portrait art is that every person looking at the art may not be thinking alike. Each person’s thinking and imagination may vary from others. This shows the beauty of an art.

Why Mona Lisa is famous?

Have you heard about Mona Lisa? Yes you have heard it or even saw her portrait. This painting has charmed not only common people but aficionados of art also. It’s highly assumed that the painting got its fame due to an optical illusion aka “the mysterious smile”.  But still no one really knows the truth.

People holds different taste related to portrait art, it can Surreal Art, Modern Art paintings or contemporary portrait art. However, Surreal Arts have catches the appreciations of people for a long time. Its unique illogical shapes which are described in a logical way is the reason that people are still fascinated towards it.

Similarly, Modern art paintings is maintaining its place among those people who are concerned about knowing traditional styles and values. But in modern era, Contemporary arts are replacing the ancient art and catching the attention of people. Portrait artist have redefined the concepts and reinvented ideas of portraiture in contemporary art.

People believe that by looking at portrait art, they can enhance or broaden their imagination. They are able to think better and creatively. It may give them soothing and relaxing feelings.

The painting worth 450.3 million dollars!

People are willing to spend huge amount of money just to get their desired art. With the end of 2017, the most expensive painting sold was Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci (c. 1500). Known as “The Last da Vinci” is one of Leonardo’s 16 paintings that is still present in private collection.

You can also view the works of eminent artist like Picasso, John Sargent and Leonardo who served their life as an artist and passed on their imaginations and work to next generations.

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