Why pop art speaks to millennial

neptune by pop art artist suzi nassif

Pop art is an art genre that emerged in the UK and US in the 1950s. Meant to challenge traditional art and especially abstract expressionism which had become virtually incomprehensible, pop art struck a chord with art lovers everywhere. It challenged the view that art was purely elitist by using imagery from popular and mass culture. By depicting comic books, celebrities and anything artists could think of, pop art quickly became one of the few genres that was relatable to its audience. The vibrant colours helped quite a bit making artwork stand out from dull abstract paintings. Instead, it gave art a youthful and vibrant feel.

From its conception, this genre has seen great popularity with pioneers such as Eduardo Paolozzi, Larry Rivers and other pop art artists helping to shape it. Today, pop art continues to see great success especially among millennial having lost none of its original values. New artists continue to emerge bringing with them something new to the genre.

With one of its major characteristics being to promote popular culture, it is no wonder why this genre is especially popular among millennial. Social media is one thing most millennials have in common with a majority of them owning smartphones. For these young minds keeping up with trends is a ‘must-do’ and in this technologically savvy society, this presents no issue. Artists who portray popular symbols and famous names are therefore a favourite. The audience are not only familiar with the content, they relate with it. The vibrant colors used in pop art paintings are another draw for millennials.

Pop art today is not what it used to be. It has evolved to something more substantial as it provides commentary on world issues. For this reason, millennial feel they can use this form of art to voice out their opinions. This has made the genre popular among both young artists and their audience.

Aside from paintings, artists can now use technology to get a message across. One of them is Shirin Neshat, a famous artist who uses film and photography to highlight gender inequality. This new development in the genre has peaked the interest of millenials everywhere as technology speaks to their generation.

While a lot of artists have excelled in this field, one artist that stands out is Suzi Nassif. This icon has managed to dazzle millions with her work having mastered a lot of genres including surrealism and pop art. She has managed to draw in crowds of millenials with her famous pop art including Trinity and Justice League the latter being inspired by the famous pop art artist Andy Warhol. Like with all other pop art artists, she has managed to make her work bold and relevant. This has turned her into one of the most influential artists globally.

With pop art becoming a means for millennials to express themselves, the art world is bound to see more artists take up this field. Pop art with its vast potential is bound to remain one of the most sought artwork as time goes by.


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