Why Pop Art Appeals to Larger Audience

What Is Pop Art - Why Pop Art Appeals to Larger Audience


The word pop is derived from popular which literally common. Well, pop art is a form of art movement that came onto the fore after the World War II specifically during the consumer boom of the 1950s to 1960s. This form of art coincided with the globalization of pop music and the youth culture of the time which had been personified by the Beatles and Elvis Presley. The pop art artists at the time were young, fun, and vibrant but were harsh to artistic establishment of the time. Pop art was quite different from the other forms of art that dominated the art scene at the time. It featured different styles of pop art paintings as well as sculpture from all different countries. There is one thing that it had in common which was an interest in mass-media, mass culture and mass production. At the height of the pop art movement several pop artists came up and showcased their prowess in the new form of art and made a name. Andy Warhol remains the most iconic pop artist owing to the contributions he made towards the art movement.

So what makes pop art to be so popular? As in, why does it appeal to a large number of audiences?

It is an all-encompassing art form

The reasons that make pop art to appeal to a larger number of audiences are still the same with those that made it become so popular during its beginnings. Pop art is not usually just limited to the artists and celebrities alone. It is a movement that had socio-political implications some of which are still being felt even today. Towards this end, it can then be considered that pop art is a more of cultural or social movement.

The influence of pop art extends far beyond just the art world because it also influences the business world. It continues to transform culture in different spheres of the society and thus many people feel connected to this art style.

While the other styles of art such as abstract expressionism that existed before pop art were somewhat confined only to a few artists and professionals, pop art on its part welcomed people including the artists and the general public. It has continued to influence the general culture and people feel a true connection with it more than the other styles of art.

Pop art also includes all known art types, genres, and all types of media. This is something that allows many lovers of various types of art to connect with it. It is not a type of art that is just limited to a group of lovers, it appeals to almost everyone out there.

Pop art still remains loved by so many people all over the world and the enthusiasm that it imparts on its lovers continues to make it more appealing to many people. It is interesting to note that even people who are not born art lovers find pop art intriguing.

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