Why is it a bad idea to chase a man?

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You spot this tall guy and you are convinced he is dead gorgeous. Have you ever chased a man without noticing it? Hunting a man can be a thrilling experience, however, the chase may become a fantasy. Quit chasing him before you become exhausted.

Did you know when you are chasing one guy you actually overlook men who are chasing after you? Initiating any kind of contact with the man through Facebook, texting, or dropping by his house is a sign you are chasing after a man. It is like you are putting a sign on your chest indicating “needy”. So let’s dig a little deeper and find out the reasons why it’s bad to chase after a man. I believe you will find my relationship advice useful.

  1. The love chase can drain the joy and color from your life.

When chasing a person you are losing your sense of independence because you focus on someone else. Do you live your life scheming how to get the man while running circles around your heart? Back off before you lose your pride. The relationship becomes an emotional roller coaster particularly when he sends you this lovely message but fails to communicate in the next 7 days. If you don’t quit chasing him you can end up doing undignified stuff to gain his love.

  1. Is he interested?

Probably the man is not interested in having a relationship with you. The point is, a man loves to be direct with their romantic partners. A man doesn’t have to spell it out for you. It is clear to figure out you are an attraction to him. It is awful to imagine someone you thought was into you is actually avoiding you. Is he giving excuses when calling or texting you? He has no drive to spend time with you. If he used to flirt with you, but not anymore, quit chasing him.

  1. The bad news is men don’t love a women’s chase.

A woman will settle for a midnight call or SMS with the hope of getting something better in the future.

  1. Will he treat you well?

If you manage to catch the guy after the chase, will he treat you well? What if he takes you for granted? He might not put a lot of effort in the relationship because he knows the stakes high for you. The man is not trampling on you, but the relationship becomes an unrequited love. Ever noticed he is unaffected when you fight over silly things?

Some women use their feminine wiles to chase after a man. Yes, it’s true! He may date you, but you cannot tell how he feels about you. A 21st-century woman feels it is fine to make the first move on a man. The man’s reluctance to hang out with the woman is a sign he is avoiding being intimate with her.

And remember:

When the right person comes along you won’t’ have to chase after a man because both of you would be glad to walk together. When the real moment comes you will not have to chase after the man.

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