Why I love jewelry by Swarovski?

Dubai Mall - Why I love jewelry by Swarovski?

The entire essence of wearing jewelry vanishes if a woman fails to create a vision of a goddess ascended right from heavens to swoop a man off his feet just in a single overpowering glimpse. It’s all about that moment that takes someone’s breath away.

While Swarovski has been around for 100 year now, I still have my own very powerful reasons why Swarovski takes the top spot in my favorite jewelry list and how I always succeed in exhibiting elegance and class and owe it all to Swarovski.

    • It Has The Most Unique Variety Of Exclusive Jewelry:

No woman wants to wear an elegant set of earrings or a delicate necklace if it is common and another woman at the party is also flaunting the same pair of earrings. Even the mere thought of it kills the woman from inside. Swarovski provides relief in such a scenario by bringing the most exclusive and unmatched variety of genuine Australian crystal cuts of highest quality embedded in it. And the chances of the exclusive Swarovski jewelry to be worn by two women at the same party are considerably reduced to zero.


Unique Variety Of Exclusive Jewelry

    • It Exhibits Crystalline Brilliance:

To give a lustrous diamond like effect, the crystal glass is cut cautiously and with acute precision and then polished through a Swarovski patented process to ensure top quality finish and unsurpassed sparkling. The crystals are further coated with Aurora Borealis coating to give the surface a rainbow like appearance. The lead present in the crystal increases their refraction index or the ability to reflect light to many folds hence enhancing the glitter.


Exhibits Crystalline Brilliance


    • Celebrities Wear It As A Fashion Statement:

Countless celebrities have chosen to wear Swarovski as a fashion statement at numerous events and stole powerful glances and immense fan following. A special event “Swarovski Fashion rocks” that took place in UK was attended by top celebrities like Kate Moss, Uma Thurman, Samuel L Jackson and Gwyneth Paltrow. Celebrities all over the world wear it to create a unique and brilliant style statement.


Celebrities Wear It As A Fashion Statement


    • It is the cost effective diamond alternative:

You cannot wear a diamond ring or necklace at every occasion and repeating is, as all women know, a big sin that has no salvation. So, Swarovski is the cost effective way of replacing diamond jewelry that does not lag behind in terms of class and elegance.


cost effective diamond alternative

  • It goes perfectly with every image:

Whether you are at a corporate meeting and want to send a message to your juniors that you only mean business or a mother who wants to show she is aging gracefully, Swarovski is the best option for you as Swarovski jewelry is so delicate and elegant that it delivers a clear and accurate message that you intend.


perfectly with every image

perfectly with every image

Swarovski Outlets in UAE:

Do not be fooled by a knock off, go for original Swarovski jewelry from official Swarovski outlets in UAE:

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall - Why I love jewelry by Swarovski?

The Galleria in Abu Dhabi:

Galleria in Abu Dhabi