Why buying and owning is better than renting

You Have Safe And Secure Place To Live - Why buying and owning is better than renting

Nothing can ever be compared to being a rightful owner to a property. You can rent a property but you can never have the full control or dominion over it because you still have to be accountable unto someone.

Most people see renting as the best option to quickly get an apartment but it isn’t the best considering long term goal. You can actually rent an apartment for the time being when you have your own property construction in progress.

But relying or deciding to live in a rented apartment for the quality years of your life isn’t a good thing to think about. Here are top reasons you should buy or own an apartment to renting.

You Feel Safe And Financially Stable

Nothing can be compared to the joy you get from living in your own home. You don’t have any landlord to call or check on your for house renting payment. You feel safe to do anything you wish to do in your house without seeking permission from anyone. Having your own apartment gives you stable financial status. You then have the chance to diversify your investment and do some other things you ever wish to do.

Free From Landlord Worries

One of the things you will never want to cherish is the call of your landlord especially when you owe renting fee. You become restless and fearful whenever you hear the sound of your landlord. But when you have your own apartment, you become the landlord and you have nothing to worry about except for thinking about development and maintenance of the apartment.

Bring More Stream Of Income

If you are a landlord, you can turn your apartment to a source of income for you. Dubai is a populated city and there is increase in the demand for accommodation. In lieu of this, you can make more money with your property if you are a landlord.

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You just have to rent out your rooms or the apartment for any suitor that can pay the value fee you’ve placed in the market. It doesn’t change the fact that the building belongs to you. it remains yours but you earn from it. People will rent it and they will pay you based on agreement and when the agreement expires, you can choose to do anything with your apartment. That is the power you have with being a landlord.

You Have Safe And Secure Place To Live

There are rules and regulations you have to follow with renting apartments. The landlord will give rules you have to follow and any violation of the rule and regulation might end up in penalty such as paying damages fee or extra cost for maintenance.

Considering all this, you will agree to the fact that having your own apartment is the best thing. You have no one to give rules as you are the law yourself. You can decide to do anything you like in your home without anyone questioning your decision.

You Spend Less

Without a doubt, you will get to know that having your own apartment will reduce your spending. You have the money you should use as renting fee with you and you can as well invest in some other things that will bring you money to live peacefully.

You have less to spend on property when you have your own property. All that is left with you when you have your own apartment is to keep up with development and maintenance on some areas of the home. That can be done any time based on availability of money.

Retirement Income


No one is ever going to retire with living in a rented apartment. It doesn’t look too good especially if there is no other source of income to the family. But when you have your own apartment, you can retire with full assurance that you have a source of income.

There are times that you will have delay in pension payment. You can always turn to your property to get you some money. You can rent out rooms in your property and use the money for some important thigs you need to do.

I have seen some wise investor who makes use of this opportunity. While they still have the energy and strength to work, they gathered their hard earned money and invest in property. After they retire, they have an asset to rely on for passive income.

You Can Customize Your Home

One of the agreements you will have with your landlord when renting an apartment is the fee for damages. You have to pay an upfront fee for damages when renting an apartment in Dubai. Whenever you decide to leave the apartment, you will be given the damages fee as agreed with your landlord if you didn’t damage anything all through your stay in the apartment.

But if you damage anything, you are not going to get the money back. It has actually hinder lot of people to decorate and customize their room or rented apartment to their taste because of the fear of damages.

That is quite different with being the rightful owner of a property. You can customize your property anytime and anyhow you like depending on what you want. You have no one to question your decision or act as you are the owner of your property.

No Landlord Can Kick You Out

The truth is told. If you are renting an apartment, you can be kicked out anytime. You don’t have rest of mind with rented apartment. Your landlord can come and give reasons for you to pack out and then you start looking around for a new apartment.

That is not the case when you are the rightful owner of your property. No one has the right to ever come around and send you out. You have rest of mind that nothing is ever going to take you out of your property except you have issues with the government.

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