What you need to know before visit Dubai

visit dubai - What you need to know before visit Dubai

Dubai is best known for its tourist places and business activities. It is home to one of the most exciting places of the world. From huge skyscrapers to luxury hotels, Dubai has it all and people crave to visit Dubai for its marvelous charms and attractions. The city is also expanding in terms of its economic diversification and it looks forward to host the Expo 2020. These opportunities have provided great economic potential and diversification to Dubai. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and almost 85 percent of its population comprises of foreigners. Nevertheless, Dubai always depicts the Arab world through its amazing historic places and architecture of Islamic era. If you plan to visit Dubai, you must know these things before you go:

Dubai has its own culture

Dubai has its own culture - What you need to know before visit Dubai

It is a popular notion that Dubai is just a tourist place and people just go there to visit shopping places and skyscrapers. On the contrary, Dubai is far more than a shopping place and people just do not visit Dubai for the purpose of shopping and business. It has its own cultural heritage which relates back to the Islamic era of Arab world. The Islamic traditions and culture prevail in Dubai and Arabs still profess these traditions. Furthermore, Dubai has huge mosques and museums which depict the architecture and traditions of Muslims. For instance, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and Sheikh Zayed cultural Center are some of the places to visit for cultural and traditional heritage of Dubai.

Dubai is economically diversified

Dubai is economically diversified - What you need to know before visit Dubai

Dubai is often mistaken in terms of its economy because it is generally believed that like all other Arab countries, Dubai is also dependent on oil for its economy. Nevertheless, the situation is otherwise and Dubai has diversified its portfolio long many years ago and it I still expanding the horizon of its economic diversification. The major industries that are on the rise in Dubai are tourism, entertainment and business. Every year, millions of people visit Dubai for tourism and business activities and their number is increasing day by day. The hoteling industry has also paved its way towards successful business gains in Dubai. Therefore, it is clearly predictable that Dubai’s economy is well diversified and not only dependent on oil.

Dubai is safer than any other city

Dubai is safer than any other city 2 - What you need to know before visit Dubai

Dubai has been ranked as the second safest city in the world by the World Economic Forum. Despite 85 percent of the population of Dubai is comprised of foreigners, the overall crime rate is very low and people feel safe even while traveling at night in Dubai. The ongoing unrest in the Arab world has never impacted the security and safety of citizens of Dubai. Dubai is referred as the business hub of the world and several huge businesses have their headquarters in Dubai because they believe on the security and safety level of Dubai. Furthermore, the businesses never stopped their investments in Dubai because they know that they are investing in one of the safest place in the world.

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