What to do to have fun in Dubai

Published: 2017-05-05 12:04 PM | Yesgulf

what to do in dubai during holidays

To believe Dubai, you have to see it. It is a city where fountains flow in the heart of desert and sky-touching buildings stand alongside of traditional cottages. The city has an elegant balance of decrepit and state of the art localities, sights and buildings. Once you are in Dubai, it should be no problem for you to find a place to go to in order for your time to be spent in making unforgettably pleasant and thrilling memories. The charm of Dubai has kept innumerable residents and visitors under its unbreakable spell for many decades now. Every day of every year, Dubai brings you new opportunities and luxuries.

There are multiple things that you can do while in Dubai depending on the time and your personal taste. You may do shopping, you may enjoy yummiest food in a fancy restaurant, you may go to a bar, and nightclub or you may go for sightseeing Dubai. The city does not make you feel left out for want of entertaining options.

Here is a brief list of things to do in Dubai

Uptown Bar

Located inside Jumeirah beach hotel, Uptown bar is quickly gaining reputation as one of the most sophisticated bars in Dubai. With an ample terrace, this sublime cocktail bars offers dazzling views of the Burj Al Arab and Dubai’s striking skyline. The wide ranging cocktails selection with a stunning atmosphere provides the best opportunity to have a relaxing after work evening or a cheerful post dinner drink.

up town bar dubai

Uptown is uniquely distinguished for running different themes throughout the weekend.

The Dubai Fountain

The famous fountain in Dubai is a delight for the senses of its visitors. It exhibits a spectacular view of water dances reaching up 140 meters high. It is illuminated by over 6000 lights and twenty five colored projectors.  Different performances occur at different times during weekdays and weekends. The show is visible from nearby structures.

Dubai fountain

Clubbing in Dubai

The city has global fame for its lively nightlife. In Dubai, you can find all sorts of clubs ranging from spaces exclusive for ladies night outs to cool spaces to hang out at with friends or a comfortable weekend. Dubai has world famous beach bars, sports bars and numerous lavish night clubs that cater to your unique tastes and preferences.

Events in Dubai

The lively city of Dubai never stops having events. Events are happening in the city all around the clock. Dubai events are myriad and versatile. These events range from different exhibitions to showing off latest movies to conferences on sports, medicine and many executive level meetings. One must consider oneself lucky for having been able to participate in events taking place in Dubai.

Old Dubai

It is a famous neighborhood in Dubai which was initially built for rich merchants from Persia who travelled here in late nineteenth century. This part of city is also famously known as Al-Fahidi neighborhood. It is an epitome of classical Arabian architecture throwing light on the history of Dubai. The neighborhood also exhibits a gallery which is a collection of traditional Arabian furniture and ceramics.

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