Things to Do in Dubai-Weekend Fun

fun week - Things to Do in Dubai-Weekend Fun

If by a good stroke of luck you ever find yourself in Dubai, make sure to live your stay to the fullest. The city has everything to give you the most memorable and finest memories to remember for a lifetime. The ever increasing number of tourists pouring into the city on a daily basis has meant a greater investment and availability of enhanced means for fun, excitement and joy.

Depending on customer liking, fashion preference and sense of food, there is more than one spot for everything taken delight to by the visitors. If you like having fun and excitement with family, there are excellent locations you can pick from regarding different categories of activities including, but not exclusive to sightseeing, cinema, water parks, shopping etc. Whatever you desire, the city has everything to offer you with the finest quality. Desire and you’ll have it.

Weekends are often one of the best times for most people to have fun with their friends, family and colleagues. All you need is to know the best spot depending upon your peculiar desires to enjoy and spending smooth time without having to worry about office or boss.

You can engage in plenty of electrifying activities on the weekends. Here is a small list of what you should do to further the excitement of your weekend fun in Dubai.

Go Surfing in Al Ain. You know the best part about it?  There is no cost to surf in Al Ain. Wadi adventure has brilliantly taken care of it. The place is famous in Dubai for its awesomely gigantic surfing pool. Additionally, the wadi also has a white water rafting facility and an air park-which is primarily a huge frame for climbing exclusive to adults only. You can reserve your books in advance if you want to.

Another splendid water-related activity awaits you at Fujairah outpost. The place is known as Martini Rock and is believed to be home to abundant of gleeful and alluring marine life. You can dive into the water and have a firsthand experience of seeing cuttlefish, broomtail, scorpionfish and even a tortoise if you happen to be luckier. The divers are provided with a full kit and taken adequate measures to ensure safety and delightful experience at the same time.

Must visiting place in DubaiIBN BATTUTA MALL

You are in great luck in case you prefer spending weekends outing and enjoying delicious food. There is a beach club that hosts a buffet throughout the summer. It is a forest themed buffet and they call it ‘Wild Thing’. It offers delicious food at an incredibly economical rate. The buffet will remain available until 30th of September.

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Tired of hectic and rough routine during all the week? Well, here is something to your pampering – LIME Spa. This amazing place offers a comprehensive ‘Nourish your body’ package comprising of an hour-long massage and 30-minutes scrub. But that is not enough. In addition to the outstanding massage, you are given total access to facilities such as steam room, sauna and an ice fountain. The ‘Lime Spa’ remains open on Fridays and Saturday.

There are a lot more things to do in Dubai. Yes Gulf brings you all to make your stay in Dubai more exclusive and fun-filled. 


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