What is jojoba oil? Do you know its facts and benefits for hairs?

What is jojoba oil Do you know its facts and benefits for hairs - What is jojoba oil? Do you know its facts and benefits for hairs?

Jojoba oil is a blessing oil, rich in vitamin E, copper, zinc, and iodine, and guess what? This suits every type of hair and contains a long shelf life. It is a carrier oil which is extracted from the seed of a plant from different regions like Mexico, California, mainly it is extracted as a wax (liquid) then modified to oil which is colorless and scentless.

As we all know that carrier oils can be used as a blend with essential oil and make it enough beneficial to get rid from many issues. Moreover jojoba oil can be paired with some of the essential oils for better results. Now we will discuss some of the benefits of jojoba oil.

  1. Hair growth :

Hair growth is the main issue for women and men too from a long time. Jojoba oil can be used to promote re-growth. It can help prevent hair fall, moisturizes hair and makes your hair long and strong.

How to use:

Pour 2tbsp of oil in a bowl, increase the quantity if you have long hair, and place the bowl in the microwave for 1 minute. Massage jojoba oil in the scalp for ten to five minutes. For scent and better results, you can add lavender oil, rosemary or ylang ylang as a blend, cover your head with a plastic cap or wrap and leave for 10 minutes, wash your hairs with a quality shampoo or you can use organic shampoo. Continue this routine thrice in a week.

Note: essential oils are already steam stilled oil so make sure not to heat them.

Use as conditioner:

Most of the brands contain jojoba oil in their shampoo and conditioner, you can directly use jojoba oil as a conditioner to give an instant shiny look.

How to use:

Make oil blend with a dilution of water, add 1 half of water with jojoba oil in spray bottle after washing your hair with organic shampoo spray your hair with this blend and you can see an instant shine in your hairs, this blend is long-lasting moisturizer throughout the day.

Hair treatment:

Jojoba oil itself contains the properties of vitamin E that helps to get rid of many problems such as itchiness, dryness, dandruff. This oil can prevent from many hair problems– continue to use it daily. The negative aspects of jojoba oil are rarely reported, there is no specific limit of using this oil. However, due to its effective nature more than 2 drops of oil is recommended enough to prevent on a focused area.

How to use:

To prevent from different issues including dandruff, dryness, scalp issues can be treated by using jojoba (carrier) oil thrice in a week, simply apply 2-3 drops on the scalp and leave it for 10 minutes. Try to massage well so the oil is absorbed completely in your scalp, wash with organic shampoo / homemade shampoo for good results. Try different recipes, blends, toners of jojoba oil to get strong hair.


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