What AI holds for human resources: 5 things Job Seekers must know

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The latest surprise from the advanced technologies and artificial intelligence is the AI for recruitment. This is an emerging technique in human resource that is specially designed to remove or at least reduce the traditional ways of screening resumes. The manual methods were time-consuming and had chances of inaccuracy. It is a challenge for the recruiters to select the right candidate from a huge pool of applicants. In fact, even in present days this time-affectivity and efficiency is still a challenge for more than 50 percent of the talent hunters. Some of these talent acquisition associates believe that their hiring volume will increase whereas others are going to stay in the same position and size.

Important things the job seekers must know about AI that is involved in the recruitment process


  1. AI does not consume much time of the recruiter, making the process easier

The AI automates a huge volume of the task making it faster and simpler.  The step that consumes the maximum time of the recruitment process is manual screening. The situation gets worse when the maximum number of resumes received by the company for a particular designation is unqualified.  Screening a whole lot of resumes and shortlisting few among them for a final interview takes around a complete day for a recruiter. The AI in this field can act as a boon to the recruiters of maximum companies if the complete system can be automated. This will be less time consuming and will ease out repetitive tasks like screening all resumes of candidates, contacting them for interviews and scheduling interviews. The technology powered by AI will have the features that will have the power to automate a company’s workflow. It will however not disrupt the workflow as it will be built to get integrated with one’s present stack of recruitment quite seamlessly.  The enhancement of the recruiting process with the help of AI automation will decrease the time required to hire an efficient employee which in turn will help an organization to not lose the best talent to any of its competitors.


  1. Enhancing the quality of the hiring by implementing job matching of standardized level

It was hard to know what happened to the quality of a candidate after he or she got selected. Human resource data can now be collected easily and accessed at any time. This has made the analysis work easy and has become the topmost priority of a recruiter. The AI is supposed to enhance the quality of the hiring process however its capability lays in its ability to use standardized data that matches the job requirements and the knowledge, experience, and skills of the candidates. This will most probably lead to more productive and happier employees who will not turnover from his or her job.



  1. AI has the capacity to learn human biases


AI recruitment process is less biased as it does not consider information like an applicant’s gender, age, and race. AI can find similar patterns present in previous behaviors. Thus AI tends to learn any bias thing that is already present in the recruitment process. Thus even it is unconscious must be crosschecked well so that AI does not end up learning it. The software vendor must be made aware of any such bias issues so that they can take necessary steps to clear all these bias patterns and potentials.


  1. Accepting the new technology


The human resource recruiters are flooded with various latest trends that promise to make their job fast and easy, so does this AI technology. It will automate the process of candidate recruitment and also promises to be unbiased as compared to the traditional methods. Hence people need to accept that human resource and artificial intelligence are now connected.


  1. Inventive screening software

Screening software is intelligent and automatically screens resume by using AI on the already existing database of resume. The software studies about how a candidate has become successful or unsuccessful as an employee depending on his or her tenure, performance and rates of turnover. It learns about the criteria from an existing employee and implements them in order to check for the same qualities in the new applicants.


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