Ways to calm down when in stress

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When stress takes over, it becomes very threatening for a person to control it. We cannot always control what happens to us, but we can always control how we respond to it. It is quite fortunate that we can control our reaction to it with a few simple ways. It is crucial to learn healthy responses for healthy living. To begin with, you must stay calm and accept the reality as soon as possible.

Let’s look at five other ways in which you can handle stress easily:

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Identify the cause:

Identify the cause of your stress. Sit down and ask yourself what is really holding you from staying calm? Are you in stress due to your current situation or is there something going on at the back of your mind? Are you pissed at everyone due to your recent break up? Problem will not get solved unless you identify the cause that is creating it in the first place. So, address the root cause, think of ways to move on and make peace with your past so that it does not ruin your present.

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Write it down:

Whenever you talk to someone it will surely help you but the problem is that most of the times you will choose to hide a few things. On the contrary, when you write it down on a paper, you will write down every detail without any hesitation. It will relieve your stress significantly. Writing small details will help you transfer your thoughts on a paper and it will lift off burden from your heart. You will not only feel lighter but your mood will also be improved.

Eat right--healthy living-YesGulf

Eat right:

Chocolates are the best stress busters and eating them will give you the same happy feeling that you experience when you are in love. Eat energy boosting healthy food for better mood such as cereals, whole grain breads and potatoes. Potatoes contain B12 in their skin and a great source when it comes to reducing stress levels. So, increase such foods in your diet and keep your stress and depression at bay.

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By exercise, I do not necessarily mean hit the gym, even walking is a great stress buster. The reason is that physical activity releases endorphins in the blood. This also helps in burning off excess energy that stress hormones create. So, the more you exercise, the lesser will be the levels of stress inevitably. Yoga is the finest option when it comes to stress reduction. It brings along many other health benefits as well.

Take out time for you-healthy living-YesGulf

Take out time for you:

It is crucial to have “me” time every day. Take out time for massaging, manicure or waxing. This will instantly take off a lot of stress from you. You will feel great about yourself and as you will start receiving compliments, it will work even better in making your day great. Give yourself sometime alone by visiting a beach and strolling on the beach whole day long. This will bring powerful benefits to your body and your mind.