Want Your Home To Show Your Personality? Choose Your Tableware Wisely

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If you want people to get you know better, then invite them to your place reflecting heartfelt hospitality and true image of your personality aurora. Get cherished for your classy and elegant or funky and chic yet original outlook by adding apt assortment of tableware in your home decor plan.

It is not only the selection of friends or the ice-cream flavor you love to eat but your favorite tableware also owns the power to indicate what type of person you are. Make it more influential not only for your sake but for others too.

Nature and variety of dishware and cutlery used in any house not only varies from culture to regions, religions and cuisines but also dependent on personal traits of the user. Formal and informal dining might also change the scenario but again personality tints remain very much obvious.

Human Psychology and Dinner Service:

The color, shape and design pattern of cutlery you use illustrates your psychology that how meaningful is the place you are living in.

Human emotions, culture and tableware are all interrelated. Since ages, humans show great sensitivity towards home-used products and their emotional bonding to certain things. For the case of point, status cautious people prefer to go after luxurious and branded items. In contrast, simple-minded and traditional folks will target something classy and antique. While tableware with vintage panache expresses the artistic tone of one’s nature. Delegate and soft hearted nature is clearly depicted with fine crystalline items on your table.

I have seen my Arab and Chinese friends expending greater effort in picking the suitable tableware designs and mostly you will find classic collection in their homes. I don’t think there isn’t any dining table at Chinese place that lacks in presence of chopsticks and small porcelain cups.

This shows the special cultural characteristics in their personality. But the globalization has drastically changed the game and now people love to try any product their heart admires the most.

As I live in different parts of the world and meet up with diverse personalities, my established opinion analyses articulates that people with strong personalities preferably set the table with hard-to-break dishes mostly the fine quality ceramic and sometimes stainless steel.

Last year I met my sturdiest and forthright of all the pals in London and she served me drink in medium-sized metallic glass in grey and with silver shine. Then, she served the food in crystalline dishes and that metallic drink ware was going too artistic with rest of the tableware. Let me tell you, she is an artist and her home decoration from interior to her patio and even the kitchen accessories make it obvious.

I picked some renowned tableware brands for you which are easily available in UAE.

Armani Casa table accessories dubai-YesGulf

1.Armani Casa:

For simple and elegant table accessories with classy outlook, my personal favorite is Armani Casa. I got its ‘Sushi set in Porcelain’ and it always reminds me Habeeb Akande saying “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered”

Armani Casa, Dubai

Al Itthad Road, Gargash Buildings


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2.Think Kitchen:

Think Kitchen has all for you to give your guests a very refined dining experience. You can purchase anything from kitchenware to tableware and even the giftware. Think Kitchen is the latest added brand to the Liwa Family. Liwa is a well-established retail presence of Al Nasser Holdings (Abu Dhabi-based conglomerate).

Think Kitchen opened its first store at The Dubai Mall on October 11, 2011.

Dubai Mall, UAE
Tel: +971-43253971

Festival City, Dubai
Tel: +971-42325435

It has some outlets in Abu Dhabi as well.

Kate Spade New York tableware dubai-YesGulf

3.Kate Spade New York:

Everyday meal or special occasions, Kate Spade New York brings you the most contemporary and stylish dinnerware in UAE. It covers all your tableware needs as per your choice.

Kate Spade New York

Dubai Marina Mall,
Ground Floor,
+971.4.3928078 ext. 376

Jashanmal Home Store tableware dubai-YesGulf


So many brands out there in UAE but I am going to make it super easy for you. Go to your nearby Jashanmal Home Store and you will get all exclusive range of tableware to select from the best brands of the world including LENOX, Royal Albert, Comby, Cutipol etc.

Yes you heard it right. At Jashanmal, you can pick up your commemorative to stylish and sleek collection to make your dine time worth memorable.

Jashanmal Home Store

Mall of the Emirates,
Level 1,

Final Thought:

Living in trendy city like Dubai has made it far easier for me to pick the premium items to show up chunks of my stylish yet graceful guise through my dinnerware to drink ware and even the serve ware and flatware. Give your kitchenware and cutlery collection right share and make your home interior decoration more tempting.

Give your home a unique note with personalized tableware made entirely to highlight the shades of your real-self.