Visitors Can Keep Cool this Summer as Exhibition Season Continues

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Portacoolâ„¢ portable evaporative coolers can reduce the temperature as much as 17degrees Celsius, helping visitors maintain physical comfort throughout the year

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – April 28, 2015Portacool, LLC, the Texas-based global leader in evaporative cooling solutions, will keep exhibition goers cool this May ahead of the Arabian Travel Market taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) May 4 to 7, 2015.  PortacoolTM portable evaporative coolers will be available on the patios of a number of restaurants in the plaza area of the DWTC, including reputable and popular eateries Hatam Restaurant, Sushi Corner, Burger Fuel, Circle and Chez Michel.


Each of the restaurants have added either Portacool’s 24-inch variable speed cooler, Portacool JetStream™ 2400, the Portacool Islander™ or a combination of two or more of these products to their patios. The Portacool Islander™ can cool up to 48 patrons at once and is designed to effectively cool outdoor dining areas, valet stands, patios and pools. The Portacool JetStream™ 2400 and the 24-inch variable speed evaporative coolers have a cooling capacity of 180 m2 and 160 m2 respectively covering an expansive area. With the presence of the environmentally friendly and energy-efficient evaporative coolers, visitors will be able to enjoy their favorite venues, while staying cool and comfortable!


Portacool, LLC is committed to providing cooling comfort as effectively, efficiently and cost-consciously as possible.  In the Middle East, where air conditioning is not ideal or practical outdoors, evaporative cooling creates a natural breeze similar to the cooler conditions found near expanses of water

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“Portacool, LLC advocates sustainability at all levels of industry and our product applications are broad and many. Evaporation is the most energy efficient form of cooling and Portacool™ portable evaporative coolers capitalizes on this simple process to fulfill the needs of the present without compromising on environmental effects,” Bob Mangiaforte, Vice President, Sales, said.

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Portacool, LLC has been designing and manufacturing portable evaporative coolers and accessories since 1990. These evaporative coolers are especially suited for this region, and its long summer months, with the ability to cool areas where traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost prohibitive. Headquartered in Center, Texas, USA, Portacool, LLC produces a range of portable evaporative coolers that cool areas from 45-360 m2.

In the Middle East, Portacool currently serves the hospitality, automotive, industrial, agricultural and construction markets across key markets including the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Yemen. Portacool portable evaporative coolers can be purchased or rented from Ace Hardware in Dubai. They are ideal for those looking to enjoy their favorite outdoor activities, such as private garden and pool parties. For more information on Portacoolâ„¢ portable evaporative coolers, please visit: or ME


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Portacool, LLC is the worldwide manufacturing leader in the portable evaporative cooling industry providing cooling solutions that assist in providing comfort in the hottest conditions whether at work or play. Headquartered in Center, Texas since 1990, Portacool provides a wide range of products from industrial to residential applications. Portacool products are sold via distributors and retailers across the nation and in 56 countries abroad. To learn more about the company, or to see the line of products go to

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