Virtual Reality Camera Launched by Nokia

n - Virtual Reality Camera Launched by Nokia

It is heard from verified resource that world’s biggest phone manufacturing company known as Nokia has decided to launch a spherical virtual reality camera for making 3d games and movies that can be effectively played and watched by the use of virtual reality headsets.

The virtual reality camera was showcased at an event organized in Los Angeles. This amazing reality camera gadget by Nokia has the capability to take audio and video at 360 degrees, as it is equipped with eight highly advanced sensors and microphones. This new gadget by Nokia is the first step by the company to a future growth in the advanced technology field.

Nokia is going through reorganization after selling its smartphone business to Microsoft last year. It also got a proposed acquisition from Alcatel-Lucent of 15.6 billion dollars, which is going to be used in upgrading network equipment business. Executive from Nokia said that we are expecting to change the virtual reality experience for the user completely and it will change the way of communication.

GoPro introduced a similar gadget in May, which used sixteen cameras and a software by Google while there are also many other tech giant companies who have plans to enter virtual reality market like Facebook and Samsung and many more. Nokia Executive also said that the company is planning to come back to the smartphone business soon by licensing and designing new smartphone after its deal with Microsoft.