UAE Top Victim of Regional Cyber Attacks

cyber attacks - UAE Top Victim of Regional Cyber Attacks

United Arab Emirates is considered to be the second most hit victim country in the Middle East and 15th worldwide in regard of regional cyber-attacks according to the latest study of Kaspersky Lab. Today, speaking at a conference to announce the launch of Kaspersky Total Security multi device software Senior Security Researcher of Global Research and Analysis Team Kaspersky Mohammad Amin Hasbini highlighted this issue of regional cyber-attacks and ranked UAE at 15th most attacked country worldwide.

In the research conducted by Kaspersky lab and B2B international in UAE it is found that, there are forty percent parents who said that they are worried about cyberbullying and forty eight percent reported that they have interfered to protect their children from being cyberbullied. According to another research known as “children online” it is found that there are more than half of our young generation users in UAE browsing adult content. There are over twenty two percent websites which are dedicated to gambling and every sixth young user is stumbling upon sites that feature weapons.

Assistant Professor of Psychology and also the founder of “Bolt down on bullying” campaign Dr. Saminah Shaheem said that “today our children are exposed to so much inappropriate content online. Internet may have many benefits but it also has some issues and concerns that we can’t turn a blind eye to. In the past, when we did not have Internet we used to think that our children were safe at home but not with a gadget in their hand and they also have access to an entire world that might be dangerous for them”.

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The recently done research done shows that an average household today has more than one connected devices and it is not just children who are at risk. A few months back, Kaspersky Lab experts notified their users about malware which is generally delivered through irrelevant content and social networking forums using social engineering tactics to gain control of users devices and files.

Today, the users should also be aware of threats which are aimed at manipulating mobile gamers, for instance the famous “Gomal Trojan” virus was known to be inconspicuous as a simple tic-tac-toe game. This game carried within spyware functionality to record the sounds, calls and also steal SMS information. In UAE, ninety two percent users were reported who completely trust their smartphone and computers to store all their personal, financial and corporate data. However, the malware can easily lead to financial or identity theft in this regard.

Managing Director Kaspersky Lab Middle East Ovanes Mikhailov said that “today families need secure multi-platform solutions which could integrate a complete range of tools and features which allow them to provide broad protection from all types of vulnerabilities without the stress of managing and operating disparate and individual consoles”. In this regard, Kaspersky Total Security for multi-device can help the users to protect not just their valuable information but also provide a safeguard for their children effortlessly.

The Kaspersky Total Security solution will enable the users comprehensive and multi layered protection across a wide range of gadgets allowing real time protection and also monitoring of the cyber activity. Parents who uses this software will be able to protect their children from cyber-crime by using parental control feature of this software. This feature will help the parents to limit the number of hours their children spend on the Internet and also monitor their online activity on various social media platforms.


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