UAE Schools Resumed- Important Time to Take Road-Safety Measures

sch - UAE Schools Resumed- Important Time to Take Road-Safety Measures
  • Chaotic traffic during pick and drop times at schools
  • Lack of apposite behavior around the school buses
  • Students must be enlightened about road safety

As the new academic year commenced across UAE, the increased chaotic traffic around schools becomes certain. Traffic mayhem during morning rush might cause jams on all the roads leading to schools.

This ‘back to school’ period always makes the roads over-crowded. Time pressure coupled with the mix of dense vehicle traffic, arriving school buses, motorcycles and the pedestrian traffic around schools results in congestion on roads.

Parents are the biggest contributor to traffic congestion as they try to drop off their children on time, usually very close to the starting time of the school. They also show the same behavior while picking up their kids right after the school closing time.

Lack of the motorists’ education in reference to deal with school buses is another key reason.  Notwithstanding the fact that school vehicles are equipped with warning lights plus stop-signs so as to allow the students to board on or leave, a lot many motorists ignore these signals, resulting in untoward situations.

 “Road safety is of strategic importance to the education sector. We want to transport our kids safely to and from school, but we also want them to be properly educated about road safety at school, in order for our kids to be able to protect themselves and to nurture the ‘next generation’ of responsible traffic participants.” He continued: “Parents and students should display proper time management by arriving at the school well before it starts and by collecting kids a little while after the end of school to avoid peak-time congestion. Parents should lead by example and teach their kids about safe conduct.” Mentioned Thomas Edelmann. (Founder and MD of RoadSafetyUAE)

RoadSafetyUAE is working in collaboration with school buses expert ‘Mercedes-Benz’ to provide safe conduct guidelines about how to interact with school buses. Explaining this, the Director Sales & Marketing of Mercedes-Benz Vans, Thomas Greipel said: “School buses are the main transport medium for the students and it is crucial that the school authorities and parents give adequate importance to the well-being and safety of the children in buses. We as Mercedes-Benz strive very hard to develop transport solutions to ensure an enjoyable and a safe journey from the first to the last mile.”

RoadSafetyUAE is the on-line portal that provides a complete list of tips & tricks about road safety near schools and around the school buses:


Our Vision is to contribute to reducing the number of road traffic fatalities, road traffic injuries and road traffic accidents in the UAE … we want to ‘make a change’!

Our Mission is to raise the UAE’s traffic participants’ awareness for proper conduct on our roads, on a broadly communicated and permanent basis. We want to be – in a constructive manner – a communication, improvement and knowledge platform.

RoadSafetyUAE engages with road traffic participants, governmental authorities, the media and CSR-minded corporations (Corporate Social Responsibility). Our content backbone is ‘tips & tricks’ within more than 50 topics of road safety, specifically relevant to the UAE.

We communicate our content via media (digital and classical), the communication channels of our CSR-minded corporate supporters and events. RoadSafetyUAE is proud to be already supported by more than 30 governmental entities and CSR-minded corporations from various segments and industries.

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