National Day Celebrations in UAE

UAE National Day 2017

The United Arab Emirates celebrate their national day on 2nd of December every year. The day signifies the historic event of union of six emirates. Soon after the joining of the six states, the seventh state also conceded to be a part of the UAE.

A lively city as Dubai is, the city conducts the most splendid and memorable public and private ceremonies to commemorate the historic day that brought all Arab Emirates into a unity. Get yourself ready for some magnificent celebrations if you are going to be in Dubai while the UAE celebrates their national day. Different exhibitions are held, seminars, and conferences are arranged. In addition to them, attractive discounts are offered. Numerous cultural festivals are held where UAE’s proud heritage is put to display. Visitors from around the world come to attend these festivals. These festivities offer the visitors an insight into what is called the ‘Spirit of the Union’ that mirrors UAE’s conformity to its solid principles all across the country’s culturally diverse community.

UAE national day celebration in dubai

The department of tourism in UAE is actively engaged in partnering with the commerce marketing with the purpose to organize stupendous city-wide celebrations for the occasion. The celebrations are being planned to conduct on a massive scale. There will be discounts at shopping malls, restaurants, and there will be entertainment activities aimed at bringing out the culture of the UAE. Big shopping Malls shall be turned into entertainment hubs where free of charge music concerts will feature Arabic music icons.

The city has an eye-catching show of fireworks that illuminate the whole Sky. A number of hotels and resorts in Dubai are where you can go to enjoy the sight of sky being colored with awesome display of fireworks. Watching fireworks exploding over the skies of Dubai is one of the most spectacular sights you will get to enjoy on this joyous occasion of the UAE’s national day.

What makes the celebrations even more exciting is the Dubai Super sales that commence from the start of December and continues for three consecutive days! The super sales allow customers to buy goods and stuff at incredibly reduced prices. To further the excitement of the historic event, a number of retailers in Dubai provide super attractive promotions offering discounts ranging from 30 to 90 percent! The discounts are offered on a wide range of merchandise covering almost everything from food to electronics, making it comfortable for customers to buy goods that they otherwise cannot.

The sole purpose of these stupendous festivals, promotions, and cultural exhibitions is to promote a sense of patriotism and loyalty among the citizens towards the country and to the leadership. It is hoped that through these activities the attention of the people could be drawn to the UAE’s rich heritage and unique culture by bringing together people from different backgrounds. By providing people the opportunity to enjoy recreational activities, the state wants to ensure that they are actively working for the betterment and prosperity of all the people alike.


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