Traffic Fines and Rates in Dubai

traffic fines in Dubai

Dubai is one of world’s fastest developing cities. Over the course of past few decades, the city has witnessed an immense infrastructure and human resource development in almost all relevant spheres of public and social life. The expansion of Dubai in terms of progress in fields such as commerce, education, health, tourism and law and order has been exponential.

The result of this rapid advancement has placed Dubai in a fierce competition with some of the finest, wealthiest, most advanced and of course the oldest cities of the world such as London and Paris. The journey to such heights of development and richness would not have been possible without the imposition of a strict, equal and fair legal system based on progressive laws implemented to ensure safety and security for all and sundry.

Apart from city’s luxurious and extravagant life, one cannot remain without being in appraisal for the fair traffic and driving rules that are enforced by the local police department with a stern hand. Regardless of who you are, fair treatment is meted out to the offenders. There are fines and other penalties depending on the nature of the violation.

The city has a strong police department working efficiently throughout the year to ensure safety for the citizens. The Dubai police department works in subordination to the rulers of the city who are the president and prime minister of the UAE. The jurisdiction of the police department covers an area of thousands of square kilometers and a population of over 2 million people.

Dubai police has a highly professional working hierarchy and is divided into a range of fully functional departments. To safeguard smooth and secure flow of traffic in the city, there is a list of offences and penalties thereon which are imposed on the violators. The list is quite extensive and has been designed to maintain a secure flow of traffic throughout the city. The harshest punishment may include some time in jail as well.

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The following are some of the offences and their penalties:

  1. Dangerous Driving (racing) will cost you 1200 AED with your vehicle confiscated for 30 days.
  2. Driving while on drugs or alcohol or similar substances will result in confiscation of your vehicle for as long as 60 days. Fine shall be decided upon presentation of the culprit in the court of law.
  3. Disregard for the red light and jumping onto it is punishable with a fine of 800 AED and the vehicle will be taken under custody for a period of fifteen days.
  4. Overtaking on the hard shoulder bears a stricter punishment. In addition to being fined 600 AED, the violator is likely to be sent to prison for as long as one month.
  5. In case of loading a lighter vehicle more than the capacity whereby the safety of others or of the road is risked will have imposed on you a fine of worth 200 AED and the authorities will confiscate the vehicle for seven days.

The list goes on. There are different laws and bye-laws with regard to traffic. Punishments and penalties vary regarding the nature of the violation. It is thus recommended to strictly abide by the rules and regulations while driving in Dubai. Otherwise ignorance of law is never a good excuse.


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