Top Most Qualities Women Desire From Men

Top Most Qualities Women Desire From Men-Yesgulf

Men often suggest that women are too much complicated than them. The women on the other hand want to be heard. They simply want to be pampered. There are many small things that can make women happy. It is actually very simple to delight the women with these remarkable tips:

Boyfriends can become the best friends of women and incredible lovers, but men should remember that many times women think that men should do more. Therefore we will tell you about what women want.

Many times women might feel, that their boyfriends are not making the effort. They feel that their boyfriends are with their friends or they don’t notice them. That is because boys tend to be boys. Therefore we decided to make a list of certain suggestions that can increase the understanding of your boyfriend about your desires.

Small things count-YesGulf

Small things count

Some men think that they have to make a lasting impression on their first date and then they are perfect for life. This is not true. Men must know that women keep notes of small things. Therefore they should try to pick a treat for women when they are coming back to their home. Women will be much happier knowing that their men care for them. Men can also gift flowers and chocolates to women to show their appreciation to them. This is a guaranteed way to win women’s approval. Men can find out about the women wishes by themselves and surprise them with their treats.

Men should show effort-YesGulf

Men should show effort

Men should try to show effort when it comes to pleasing women. They should take out the rubbish from the house. Guys can call women from work when they have free time. They should always remind them that they care about them.

Confidence is appreciated but arrogance is not

All the girls like men who are comfortable with themselves. It makes them feel safe and secure but they don’t admire men who are arrogant.

Chivalry is valued

Women like men who are old fashioned from time to time, they love it. Men can pay on their first date. They can hold the door for them and walk their women to the front door.

Don’t be immature.

Women are very nurturing. They like to take care of their men and help them out. However, when women feel that they are over nurturing their men they want to stop. Most men can be kiddy but if they are doing little more than coddling then it is a big problem for women.

 Men should be good listeners-YesGulf

Men should be good listeners

After a hectic day women want their men to listen. They want to talk about their feelings. Women like to confide in men because they trust them to make them feel better. Therefore men should mute their TV and put their beer away and listen to women.

Men should be honest-YesGulf

It is true that honesty is the best policy. Telling a little story might be great now but women always tend to find out what is the real story. Therefore, men should never cheat and lie. It is considered cowardly. They should speak with honesty. Women will appreciate them. These are the best kept women secrets that can help the men in keeping their women happier.