Top Fun Things to do in Dubai, UAE 2017

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There is no exaggeration in claiming that Dubai is one of the liveliest, richest and most fun-filled cities of the world. Tourists come to this enthralling place in thousands on a daily basis. The numbers amount over millions in terms of annual visitors. The city offers more than enough to cater to the diverse and opposite tastes, preferences and needs of the guests.

There are plenty of spots offering local and international cuisines to serve to the needs of customers with a strong foodie background. For visitors interested in arts and calligraphy, there are world renowned artists and galleries showcasing many of the globally acclaimed and prized masterpieces of art. To give you the most memorable family vacation experience, the city is home to most exciting water parks, shopping malls, stunning places for sightseeing, safari, cinema houses and much more.

Dubai is a city of festivities and lots of entertainment. Different festivals and activities related to different walks of life continue to take place in the city.

One of the most famous and exciting festival going on in Dubai is the Dubai Sports Festival 2017. The festival has commenced since 1st June 2017 and will continue its activities till the month of September. This festival is being participated into by gymnasts and sports persons from around the world. The sports festival is taking place on a grand scale, covering a humungous space of more than 25 thousand square meters. Each corner of this area is totally air conditioned.

The festival provides excellent opportunities for a range of individuals. Whether or not you are a professional player, you can always book a place for your special sport and have fun with your friends or relatives. There will be an academy related to your sport of interest. You can join it and enhance your mastery in your favorite sport.

Dubai World Trade Centre is the organizer of this festival in association with the Dubai Sports Council.

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Vox Cinema is yet another electrifying experience to consider as your post Eid activity in Dubai. The Vox movies Dubai features dozens of national and international releases. The movies range for all kinds of viewership from adults to children. One of the most enthralling facts about Vox cinemas is that they are exhibiting movies in more than one pixel-form. Almost every movie is available in two and three dimensions with the highest quality graphics, thus enhancing the fun.

This cinema is the UAE’s most famous and exciting movie spot. The cinema features 250+ screens across the Middle Eastern region with over 12 locations in the UAE.

Over the course of last 17 years, the Vox cinema has acquired much fame and repute among valued customers due to its unique and highly customer-oriented services. The cinema has since showcased thousands of movies with over 5000 and catered to millions of customers throughout the region. The recent increase in the cinema investment is expected to further the thrill of the customers and will bring in more excitement and sensation for its customers.

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