Top 5 Tips to have success with guest posting

Guest posting for SEO services

So, you have decided to take on the old, but resourceful method of guest posting. This technique, despite all the conspiracies and misconceptions is still quite effective especially for newbie bloggers.

“What exactly is this Guest posting anyway?”

Guest posting, as the name vaguely implies, is a practice where a blogger contributes content posts to a host’s website or blog in order to establish a relationship with host’s website. The reward for this post is a backlink that leads to the blogger’s website. Guest posting enables a blogger to gain exposure to a wider market by posting relevant content and including links to their own blog where necessary.

If you own a blog of your own and have chosen to take on guest posting to acquire some popularity or perhaps to build traffic to your blog but you need a few tips on how to get it done, here are 5 great tips to be successful at guest posting.

  1. Why guest posting?

The purpose of guest posting for most people is hinged between creating backlinks to their own personal website and also to show a highly impressive content background which drives feedbacks from readers and fellow bloggers alike. Guest posting in seo allows search engines to prioritize your website on search engine result pages hereby increasing the visibility of your website. These are pretty strong reasons for guest posting.

  1. Find top guest posting sites

Fulfilling the purpose of your guest posting depends greatly on the caliber of website you choose to post on. You must conduct adequate research, exploring various guest posting sites list in order to know which sites have credibility, adequate amount of subscribers and visitors. Check for the feedback pages, the forums and how interactive these websites are with their followers. This speaks volumes and assures that your posts will be read by a good amount of people visiting the website.

  1. Draft a great Author proposal

The next step is to make contact with the guest posting site owners. Naturally there would be a high competitiveness for writing space by other authors who also would like to guest post on these websites. This is where your creativity and writing skill comes into play. Your proposal has to have all the qualities they are looking for. Your proposal should state what niche you specialize on, what makes you different from the rest and what would be the short term and long term benefits of choosing you as an ally. Do your research on the company hosting the website and connect with their purpose on a high level of creativity and inventiveness. This would project you as a professional and an asset.

  1. Own your niche

Focus on a niche that you have in-depth information on and create very compelling and educative content that would catch the needed attention. Also embed links to your personal website which of course should be relevant to the niche you have chosen. Ensure that your posts are in line with the site owner’s guidelines on their target market.

  1. Monitor and evaluate

A lot of people make posts and leave, without returning to the thread to monitor its progress, its reach, the quality of feedback, the demographic of audience and other details. Monitoring the status and feedbacks from your old posts would enable you plan better for future posts.

Finally, ensure that your posts are well detailed and contain thrills like success stories, call to actions and thought provoking instances. This would enable you catch the right attention and would fulfill your purpose.


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