Top 3 Chinese Restaurants in Dubai

chinese restaurants in Dubai

Chinese cuisine is liked and appreciated all over the world. The amazing aromas of Chinese delicacies paired with the orgasmic sauces are the root cause of the food linage being famous worldwide.

Are you searching for information on the best Chinese restaurants in Dubai? Well, look no further. We have compiled a list of good Chinese restaurants in Dubai for you!

Here are the top 3 Chinese restaurants located in Dubai:


Hakkasan is located in the lower level of Jumeirah Emirates Towers on Sheikh Zayed Road. It is a fine dining restaurant, which explains why it is priced exorbitantly (more than AED 500 for an average 3 course dinner).

Hakkasan’s atmosphere is welcoming and vibrant. Their indoor seating arrangement speaks volumes about the level of complexity they have achieved. On the other hand, the seating arrangement in the terrace is amazing in itself, thanks to the spacious layout.

top chinese restaurants in Dubai

Hakkasan is a great venue if you love serenity to go along with your dinner. The restaurant is never overcrowded, making it a fantastic choice for business meetings and conversations.

Their service is mostly amazing. Order is placed within a reasonable time. Additionally, their staff has been commended by many visitors. They are reportedly very well mannered. The food is well rated by the majority of the visitors. The Dim Sum platter and duck salad is very scrumptious. For dessert, many visitors recommend the Jivara bomb.


Yuan is situated on the ground level of The Atlantis in Palm Jumeirah. Get ready to lighten your wallet if you’re visiting Yuan, since it is a fine dining restaurant (more than AED 800 for a two head meal)

The décor and overall ambiance is one to remember. Starting from the fancy reception all the way to the bar (or to your table if you’ve prebooked), you’ll be greeted by beautiful waitresses and waiters, who contribute greatly to making your visit memorable!

cheap chinese restaurants in Dubai

Their service is outstanding in most cases. Their staff ensures timely provision of your order while the chefs work hard to make food which excites your taste buds beyond description. Yuan’s pecking duck and dim sum platter are probably the most ordered items in the catalogue.

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Located in Metropolis tower, Zen is an Asian kitchen specializing in Thai and Chinese cuisine takeaway. Thus, it is very budget friendly restaurant (Roughly AED 150 for two heads).

zen chinese restaurants

The restaurant isn’t really meant to dine-ins, which explains why the interior has a capacity for roughly 15 people at a time. So you might not want to go here if you have a large party with you (especially not if you haven’t reserved a table beforehand). Zen proudly boasts how the ingredients used to make the food is flown in from Hong Kong and Thailand on a weekly basis!

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Their service is praiseworthy in most cases. Since they mostly handle delivery and takeaways, customers say that their delivery time is minimal. For dine in customers and takeaways, positive reviews have poured in on how the food is prepared within a reasonable time frame without any compromise on quality.

So, which restaurant will you be visiting? Tell us below in the comments!

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