Tooth Cavities in Children

Capture - Tooth Cavities in Children

Tooth cavities are usually a result of dental caries occurring on the tooth surfaces. These are very obvious in deciduous teeth of children also who do not maintain a good oral hygiene. Dental cavities can also occur due to prolonged use of baby bottles also. Let us know few facts about the baby bottle decay. You can also contact nearest pediatric dentist in your location.

The younger ones, in the age range of 2 to 3 years are very prone to a particular type of dental decay known as Baby bottle decay. The teeth mostly affected are the upper front teeth i.e. the upper incisors. The term baby bottle decay is self-explanatory. It means a dental decay due to over-use of milk with sugar fed through a baby bottle.

Milk with sugar is a perfect substrate for the oral microbial flora to grow. The bacteria present in the oral cavity utilize the milk and sugar to form acids by a process called as Fermentation. These acids are highly harmful to the teeth as this start a dissolution process of the tooth structures leading to dental cavity formation. Hence, the mother must be aware of the number of bottle feeds of the baby in a day.

Now parents will think that only the deciduous teeth will be affected. But the fact is, even the underlying, still developing, permanent teeth will also be prone to the bacterial attack from the overlying affected deciduous teeth. The cavity that occurs on the baby teeth becomes a pathway for the infection deep into the underlying teeth as well as the bone.

Sometimes, it has been reported that such untreated infections of the baby teeth lead to the failure of eruption of the permanent teeth also. If the baby bottle decay is not treated promptly, the deciduous teeth might require other treatments such as crowns and root canal, which is a bit rigorous for the child at such a young age when their mentality is not fully developed. One more consequence will be the extraction of the baby teeth. Following the extraction, the baby will face difficulty in eating. The absence of teeth will also lead to speaking problems in the baby.

Here are few facts which a mother must know about the bottle feeding habit of the baby. The bottle feeding must not exceed more than 12 to 14 months. After each bottle feed, the baby’s mouth must be thoroughly cleaned. At the night time, the bottle must contain water only.

But usually, it is noticed that babies sleep at night without being fed. If the baby is habituated to sucking the bottle nipple, then it is advisable to replace the bottle with a pacifier as directed by the dentist. The most important thing a parent must know is that the baby must be taken to the dentist at least once within the first year of its birth. Visit our website: or Contact our Hellenic Dental Clinic at Al Wasl Road, Villa G4 U1 Jumeirah, Dubai UAE.


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