Thrill-seeking in Dubai

Thrill-seeking in Dubai

A trip to Dubai promises an experience like no other; luxurious hotels, indulgent food, stunning skylines. In a city where anything is possible, is it any wonder that visitors flock to Dubai in their millions? In particular, adrenaline junkies can find Dubai to be a one-stop-shop for thrill-seeking satisfaction. With so many adventures guaranteed to get your heart pounding, now is the perfect time to plan your trip to Dubai.


There is nothing like some healthy competition to give you an adrenaline boost. Spend an afternoon with friends simulating battle combat in a paintballing field, or enter into an archery contest. A trip to the shooting range is great for sharpening your aim and accuracy; enhance your performance with innovative shooting accessories to give you a better advantage.

Head to the desert for one of the most exhilarating extreme sports; Dune bashing. For an added dose of adrenaline, jump on a Quad Bike or Dune Buggy adventure, or go Sand-Boarding which just like snowboarding but down the dunes. Most desert adventures come as a dinner and entertainment package; watching the sun set over the desert is a truly mesmerizing experience, and there is nothing quite like star gazing in the Dubai night sky.


Exploring Dubai from the ground is one thing; it’s not until you see it from above that you really get a sense of the grandeur and magnificence of the city.

Without doubt the most luxurious mode of flight is a Seaplane tour for a birds-eye view of the sea, beaches and spectacular attractions. If you have ever fancied yourself as a co-pilot, book yourself a microlight flight and fly through the air at speeds of 100km p/h.

Launching yourself out of a plane may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, however the views from 13,000ft skydive above the Palm Jumeirah are unparalleled. For similar sights but without the ground-rush, a hot air balloon flight will deliver a breathtaking ride.


If you don’t mind getting wet, there’s heaps of fun to be had out on the open water. Jet ski rides, wakeboarding and paddle boards are the best things to do in Dubai. Soar up to 19ft high in fact above the coastline on a Fly Board; these boards are so on trend and great for some go-pro action or Instagram shots. 

Get up close and personal with nature with a certified PADI scuba diving course. To really get your heart pumping you can even swim with the sharks in the Dubai Mall Aquarium.

Thrill-seekers are completely spoilt for choice in Dubai; where else in the world can you experience all of these thrills in one destination? The biggest problem you will have is how to fit them all in. 

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