Things to Do in Dubai Today: Choice Restaurants

Food Salad - Things to Do in Dubai Today: Choice Restaurants

Dubai is a city that is renowned worldwide for its luxury and comfort and everyone wants to visit it once in their lifetime. In the city you will find countless magnificent hotels and high-end shopping malls. What is interesting though is that most of the restaurants in the city have various types of international cuisine so that you won’t miss to enjoy. In fact one of the best things about food side of Dubai is bringing cuisines from all corners of the globe into one city.

To get to experience Dubai and discover the best restaurants in Dubai better, we have availed for you some ideas for things to do in Dubai today as well as the choice restaurants:

The Kiza Restaurant & Lounge in DIFC

KizaThis is a nice restaurant in Dubai offering Pan African cuisine that you can check into if you want to get a treat of some of the best African cuisine around. It has got a number of African foods that it offers its revelers. Do you know that the spirit of family and community is a common thing throughout African cooking? Well you will have the opportunity to experience this at the African restaurant Kiza. It is strategically located at the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Why then don’t you head over there to discover and enjoy the flavors of Africa?

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Kanpai Restaurant & Lounge Bar

Kanpai DubaiKanpai is a Japanese word that translates to ‘cheers’ in English. It is a good Japanese restaurant that brings Japanese restaurant culture in the heart of the Middle East. It is perfectly located at Level 3 Souk al Bahar in downtown Dubai. It is always open every day from 12.00 pm to 2.00 am and if you wish to lodge in here you can visit the official website page of the restaurant to make a reservation. The restaurant boasts some of the best trained Sushi chefs in Dubai who will serve you with the best of quality seafood as well as lots of other amazing Japanese delicacies. Among some of the notable events to expect at the restaurant includes; Glamour ladies night, weekend brunch, and Sushi Saturday. Apart from amazing Japanese food also expect to find the best of drinks that will help make your day even fulfilling.

Visit their website for more information on bookings>>

The Africana Home Restaurant

This is yet another authentic African hotel in Dubai that helps to make Africans living in Dubai feel more at home. From naturally fresh African spices to authentic African food, you will get almost every kind of African food at this restaurant. The restaurant first opened its doors to esteemed customers in 1993. If you wish to take a bite of Suya (a spicy skish kebab that’s popular in in West Africa) just visit the Africana Home Restaurant and you will be served! Please note that this is a brand and has got a number of branches all over the UAE including Dubai city.

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