Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

20 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

Dubai, the ever-shining jewel of the Gulf crown, has been hosting tourists since the break of modern development in UAE. It has the highest visitor per resident ratio in the world having around 6.0 visitors per resident since 2008. Other statistics show that Dubai hosted about 14.5 Million tourists in 2015 which is far lesser than that of 2016. This shows that tourism is one of the major industries over here and apparently, one of the most successful too.

The Crown Jewels of Dubai

As a host, Dubai has a lot to show you. The breathtaking heights of Burj Khalifa, the synchronized beauty of the Dubai Fountains, the elegance of Burj al Arab, the delicacy of Palm Islands, Dubai Mall, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Marina and a number of other places can make you fall in love with the time you spend in Dubai. Let us take a stroll through the details where I suggest the things to do in Dubai and places you can visit in Dubai that will make your trip worthwhile.

Welcome to Dubai

Dubai is located on the Gulf belt but it has people from almost every culture in the world. You will be amazed to know that Dubai has handed more jobs in the last 3 years than any innovative environment in the world, which has attracted a lot of people to migrate to Dubai for work. However, there is harmony and peace, and respect for the law.

The places I mentioned previously, are some of the famous tourist spots in Dubai and one would require about 3-4 days to visit them all. However, a week would do you more justice to visit the best restaurants in Dubai, desert safaris and other eventful places. Let’s start making a road map of all the places that cannot be missed at all.

1.      Burj Khalifa

21 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

Around 800 meters tall, the glorious Burj Khalifa has attracted the tourists from around the world to have a live view of Dubai’s red dunes from the top of it. The view from the 124th floor of the mighty Burj Khalifa is totally gravity defying and this surely has to be the top priority of any tourist that visits Dubai. The tickets for the top floors can be booked from any tourist websites and there are a number of offers available having discounts and vouchers for the tourists.

2.      Dubai Dancing Fountains

22 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

Have you seen the movie, “Ocean’s eleven”? The climax has a small appearance of lead cast near the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas. The same team that built that fountain was called upon to assemble the Dubai Fountains. The Dubai Fountains are a synchronized dance show of water pops on musical beats and it is completely jaw dropping in every sense of the term. It is one of the most famous and eagerly watched music shows around the world.

3.      Burj al Arab

23 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

Once again, Dubai has a surprise for you, the tallest hotel in the world, the Burj al Arab. It is one of the most expensive one as well, hosting the tourists in a grand manner. It has 7 restaurants inside the building, serving every food that you can think of in the most presentable way possible. Also there are sightseeing services on every other tourist websites in UAE so hop on to find the best suitable offer.

4.      Palm Islands

24 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

Palm islands are two artificially constructed pieces of land in the sea, when looked upon from the sky, the islands look like a palm tree. The two islands are famous for their unique origin of construction and a landmark for the tourists. One is called the Palm Jumeirah, which has a number of luxurious villas and the other is known as Palm Jabal Ali, which, at the moment, is still under construction.

5.      Dubai Museum

25 1 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

Dubai museum is hosted inside the Al-Fahidi Fort which was built in 18th Century. The museum has a detailed explanation about the history of Emirate’s economic and cultural phenomenon over the period of decades, e.g. the time before and after the oil boom, the cultural aspects of the Emirates grounds, and the history of local Emirates over the centuries.

6.      Dubai Creek

26 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

Dubai creek is beautiful water spot, an elegant divider between the northern part of Dubai, known as Deira and the southern, Bur Dubai. It has a number of docks, hosting the tourists, looking for some quiet and peaceful time, floating over the mighty but calm tides, enjoying buffets and bars. Bur Dubai is about 5km long route, stretching over the bank of Dubai Creek whereas an instant shopping area welcomes you as soon as you enter Deira.

7.      Dubai Mall

27 3 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

It might not interest you but Dubai Mall is something you should not miss. In a place like Dubai, where luxury is something you see everywhere, Dubai Mall is a place worth watching. Dubai mall is one of the biggest malls in the world, having a cinema, an ice skating rink, a gaming center and the entrance to Burj Khalifa. Apart from that, it has one of the biggest food courts in the world.

8.      Dubai Marina

28 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

Ever heard of a man made marina? Well, here you are, with world’s biggest man made marina, stretching over 3 kilometers and upon completion will house over 12,000 residents. This is the crazy aspects that make Dubai a place to visit.

9.      Underwater Zoo

29 2 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

The underwater zoo at the Dubai Mall is spectacular in all possible ways. Imagine walking on the aquarium top, seeing the sea horses, gold fish, sharks and the baby octopus swimming their way inches under your feet. And not just that, the hallways, the corridors and the passages are made of a strong unbreakable glass, completely submerged in water, making the whole arena a doorway into the sea life.

10.  Dubai Waterparks

30 1 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

It’s a joyride once you enter the waterparks of Dubai. The crazy water rides that take you swarming through the whole area, even underwater; warm pools and never-ending water adventures shall consume almost your whole day. Some of the hotspots for water adventures are Wild Wadi, Aqua venture Waterpark and the Dolphin Bay.

11.  Yellow Boats, Dubai

31 - Things to do in Dubai during your Visit

While I am pointing out the fun spots in Dubai, there is an irresistible ride of the Yellow Boats that’s worth mentioning. Sightseeing is what every tourist loves and Dubai has every aspect of itself to display for the tourism. The 90 minute ride over the Yellow Boats takes you through the water tides to almost every tourist spot I mentioned above.

There are a number of agencies dedicated to tourism, offering a number of discounts and travel plans for the tourists. There are, of course, a number of places that you definitely need to fit in your schedule to visit, for instance you cannot miss the desert safari, sandboarding and the dinner that leads the safari. You can never let go of the opportunity to visit the Aquarium in the Dubai Mall. Enjoy your visit to the land of wonders and don’t forget to subscribe to our website and we will keep you updated with more amazing things to do in Dubai!

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