The Future of Bitcoin in Cryptocurrency

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Are you looking for news about bitcoin? If yes, this article for sure is for you! Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies provide unique services. They are not comparable to fiat currencies; they are the open source of money. Transparency, the facility to know what is happening at all times, the difficulty of swindling the citizen; they are huge advantages. In addition, cryptocurrencies have very faithful users, either because it provides them with a service, for ideological reasons, or because they have invested a lot of time and money in them.

ICO bounty campaign:

The boom that has recently lived with Bitcoin has been widespread. But, similar to raw materials, buying and selling Bitcoin is not easy at all. On the one hand, you can install software to have the Bitcoin, and manage everything locally. But you have to be careful with the backups or you can lose everything. There is this ICO bounty campaign present these days as a trend!

What’s more?

On the other hand, you can rely on a third party, such as Coinbase, to manage the Bitcoin balance. But it is not a bank and the experiences with the exchange are not perfect, there have been very bad experiences in the past. Also there is a blockchain technology, which you can use!

What is for investors?

For professional investors to invest and speculate with Bitcoin, the best is a regulated financial market where you can buy and sell. How to do it with the underlying is complicated (as is the case with raw materials), it is best to do it with derivative products, such as the future.

The future of Bitcoin:

The truth is that it is very complicated to make predictions. The most similar experience we have is that of gold, which experienced an explosive growth in its price when its futures were launched in 1974. After that, the gold had a very important drop, 50% in the following two years, but then continued the upward path.

But the situation is not so similar now since Bitcoin has some similarity to gold (they accumulate value but do not have much use – although gold has some more -) they are not exactly the same. The truth is that large investors already have a way to replicate the rising and falling curves of Bitcoin without having to leave their traditional markets and without need, either, to buy and store Bitcoin.

How is the future of Bitcoin?

If we talk in terms of cryptocurrency news; the future that has already been launched is that of the Chicago derivatives exchange (CBOE). But next Monday begins to quote another future, this time in CME (a listed company of derivatives). Both products are similar but have differences. Futures usually allow not to pay the entire price of the contract, but only a part (this allows you to invest with debt, which multiplies the profits but also the losses). In futures contracts for oil, coffee, and other raw materials it is normally sufficient to put 5% of the price of the contract, but both in the case of the future of Bitcoin of CBOE and CME it is requested from 35% to 44%, much plus. This is because of the high volatility.


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