The Ever Growing Craze Of Instant Messaging And Smartphone Addiction

The Ever Growing Craze Of Instant Messaging And Smartphone Addiction-YesGulf

People these days can be witnessed constantly tapping on their smartphone screens in a restaurant, throughout driving or when waiting at a public place or while shopping in malls. They will keep playing with their smartphones and won’t get distracted unless they get hit by a pole while walking on roadside or see their food arrive at a restaurant. Staying up till late at night and using smartphones and taking the smartphone everywhere they go with no exception of even bathroom is a wide practice these days. Human beings owe this all to the plethora of Instant Messaging Apps and Social media networks that keep them busy whole day long and keep them awake whole night long.

As per Kleiner Perkins Caufied & Byers annual Internet report, people check their smartphones 150 times during a day which shows smartphones are no less than a potent drug these days.  Another global survey finds out that 98 % of Indians sleep with their smartphones nearby. While socializing is great but not when it seriously starts affecting your relationships or your routine activities and you get characterized by smartphone over usage disorders like Nomophobia or cell phone vibration syndrome.

How to cure smartphone addiction-YesGulf

How to cure smartphone addiction?

While smartphones do not come with a manual telling appropriate usage, it is up to an individual to understand that excess of everything is never good. There are a few tips that will help you limit your smartphone usage:

  • Do not check your smartphone if there is no new notification. Furthermore, turn off useless notifications from social media apps. Trust me, you really do not want to get notified every time someone sends you request to play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook.
  • Set particular gap between every time you check your smartphone for social media notification so you better control your urge to check your smartphone every five minutes and only check after a set time period say one hour.
  • Make sure there are certain places where you keep cell phone use to minimum like at your dinner table, while watching TV or when you spend time with your family.
  • Activate auto generated replies every time you do not answer your call so you do not have to waste time in writing a massage to get back to the caller shortly.
  • There are many apps that will help you measure your smart phone usage too. Make use of one of them like BreakFree.

Your mother and your grandmother and everyone before smartphones came survived perfectly well without socializing through a smartphone which shows that nothing will happen to you either if you at least limit your smartphone usage and not update your statuses and photos every time you do something. While communication has become easy and cheap with the advent of social media and IM apps, the appropriate use is up to a user and only a user will be affected if he does not set limits to his smartphone usage soon.