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best night clubs in Dubai

Renowned for its nights and beauty Dubai is considered as one of the most charming places of the world. As a modern city of UAE, Dubai is a center for entertainment for all the people all around the world. Dubai never sleeps, either it’s a day time or night, people always seek new entertainment zones for their comfort. As compared to other Middle Eastern countries, UAE has maintained its tourists’ industry on a large lever. People all around the world come to UAE and enjoy a lot.  

Moreover, Dubai hosts a large number of entertainment places. Particularly Dubai clubs are always liked by visitors and also by the residents of UAE. Dubai has some stunning nightclubs that excite tourists to visit it.  On the weekend in UAE, the day starts after sunset and ends till sun rise.

Every nightclub in Dubai has a specific portion for music lovers and has dancefloors as well with stunning ambiances.  Dubai is one of the most attractive emirates in the UAE.  As everyone knows that Dubai is a global business hub for the Arabian countries particularly the Middle East. The clubs in Dubai attracts a large crowd during the season of festivals. This city offers its tourists and residents a lot of entertainment venues and chances.

Night life and Night Clubs Dubai

Nightlife in Dubai nightclubs is more vibrant. There are many pubs and clubs which Dubai hosts. The night life of Dubai clubs has its own charm and attraction. Generally, a nightclub demonstrates an entertainment venue for the night lovers. Dubai provides a large number of gathering venues for the youngsters.  Apart from entertainment and amusement, there are some strict rules of UAE law which every nightclub has to follow. The most popular and stunning night clubs Dubai are enlisted below;


Whenever you visit Dubai clubs, do visit Atlantis, it is the most lively dance club and disco. If anyone wants to soak up all the amusement and fun by letting their hair down, this night club is the best. Here, renowned DJ’s and International artists are found very commonly. The fashionable crowd enhances the entire inner environment of Atlantis.

Cavalli Club

This is one of the most visiting nightclubs in Dubai, it was introduced by ‘Roberto Cavalli’. It is beautifully designed with the quartz black floor and adorned with attractive crystals. Moreover, it is located at famous Fairmont Hotel and also renowned for the hottest cocktail bars. Luxury, lights, glamour, entertainment is exuded by this nightclub.


Everyone has a different choice of nightclubs. If someone wants to visit Moroccan-themed nightclub, then do visit Kasbar which is famous for its swanky bar and hi-tech stylish dance floor.

kasbar night clubs in dubai

It is located at Royal Mirage Resort where famous DJs churn out the world’s best Arabian beats. The interior of Kasbar is replete with Moroccan tiles and lamps which attract everyone. Moreover, they offer its customers separate gaming zone and dance floor where people gather and enjoy.


This is also very popular place in Dubai, if someone wants more fun and glamour, then it is the right choice. The French styled stylish nightclub is one of the most famous nightclubs in Dubai and ranked under top five clubs in UAE. They have international DJ’s who offer all sorts of beats either Indian, Arabic, or Western. It attracts the fashionable crowd to its splendid dance floor. Besides, the ritzy ambiance enhances the interior of the nightclub which is the centre of attraction for all the visitors.

People by Crystal

Immerse yourself in the blue and purple lights of ‘People by Crystal’ nightclub in Dubai.  The amazing nightclub which leaves you and your friends mesmerized is located at Raffles Dubai Pyramid. Besides, its comfortable sitting area gives you a soothing environment.

The Premiere Nightclub

The list of Dubai clubs is incomplete without ‘The premiere Nightclub’. It is the liveliest nightclub in Dubai. One thing more, if you want to visit this place do keep in mind this place is only for one person.

premiere Dubai night clubs

Furthermore, most nightclubs and bars of Dubai serve alcoholic beverages. Nightclubs operate their services late night. Considerably, in Dubai, there is a large number of choices when it comes to the selection of nightclubs. There is an array of nightclubs from top class to an average nightclub. People visit different nightclubs according to their financial condition because it is not easy to afford nightclubs in Dubai.

Have Fun Till 3 A.M.

Every bar has to obey the rules of Dubai Law by which they have to close their business maximum by 3 a.m. The entire week is often considered as dull indeed. However, from Tuesday to Sunday, the life of Dubai gets more interesting. The only dead day for the people of Dubai is ‘Monday’. Except for Monday, you can enjoy all the night till 3 a.m. in any nightclub.  Day life is often sultry, warm, and dull, that’s why people prefer to visit places in the night time when the temperature becomes bearable for all. Usually, in UAE, the majority of the people spend their nightlife in the nightclubs. The dazzling scenes in the nightclubs attract a large number of people.

Things to keep in mind, before you head off to any nightclub in Dubai.

  • In most of the nightclubs and bars, the government has allowed in selling and purchasing of alcohol in the premises of hotels.
  • Officially close time is 3 a.m. for all the nightclubs and bars.
  • A person can drink alcohol if he or she is 21 years old.

Definitely, the dazzling clubs in Dubai are a worthy destination for the vacation. Indeed life in Dubai clubs is full of excitement and fun. The rapid increase in the foreign tourists in the Dubai has made the nightlife of Dubai more alive. It becomes the shopping and nightclubs’ hub. Some people call it as ‘Mini-America’, as it has transformed its infrastructure rapidly in the last few years. Whenever you visit UAE, particularly Dubai, you will find new places for fun.

All in all, the life of nightclubs in Dubai never stops. Every club in Dubai has its own interior which reflects the culture of one particular community. You have a variety of nightclubs like Indians, Western, Arabic, Moroccan, Philippines, Chinese, and much more. Thus, Dubai is incomplete without its nightclubs


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