The Best 10 Indian Restaurants in Dubai

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Exotic locations, friendly people and most importantly good food, that’s all you need folks to make your trip an everlasting memory. While Dubai is a home to world’s largest buildings, biggest aquarium, greatest shopping malls and best restaurants where people come here to try out food exclusively. Half of Dubai’s population constitutes of Indians and breathtaking beauty brings professional cooking experts as well. Let’s take a look at best Indian Restaurants in Dubai and see how there is more to India than Bollywood:



Ashiana offers finest Indian cuisine along with remarkable ambiance. The beautiful wood carvings on the walls, delicate chandeliers and the traditional Indian music is bound to give you a stupendous experience. Expert chefs using top quality ingredients bring the finest Indian meal to your tables. The signature Lucknow style lamb is a treat that is marinated for 48 hours to achieve the delectable taste and tender and juicy meat that it offers.

Indego by Vineet


Indego is a proud creation of famous chef Vineet Bhatia. The menu is not pure Indian but has a touch of continental and European cuisine. The exquisite atmosphere filled with beautifully lit candles along with ethnic statues makes the restaurant far more than artistic. The menu is diverse ranging from Burani prawns in the starter to Rogan Lamb Shank. The food is a perfect blend of spices prepared cautiously to attain excellence.



The restaurant offers remarkable urban setting and northern Indian food straight from chefs flown from Delhi. The authentic recipes are bound to make you feel that you are sitting in Indian restaurant in India and enjoying traditional Indian cuisine. The most notable and worth trying dish on the menu is Gosht Roghan Josh (lamb curry) that is highly acclaimed by the visitors.

India palace

India Palace

The unique quality of India palace is that some of the food it serves is cooked exclusively in tandoors or clay ovens. Murgh-e- Tandoor is one succulent dish served in India palace that is cooked in clay ovens.  The restaurant aims to recreate the Mughal era by using long forgotten herbs from original recipes and through presenting antique wooden carved interiors along with copper tableware. The menu is diverse containing Dum Gosht Biryani, Tandoori Aloo, Kadai Murgh and Mutton Vindaloo. The taste is unmatched and super flavorsome.

Pind Da Dhaba

pind da dhaba

Pind Da Dhaba is a beautiful restaurant designed to give the real touch of Indian villages. The walls are especially designed to give an outlook of typical mud homes in Villages of India. The restaurant also features an Auto rickshaw table, an auto rickshaw is a popular Indian form of transport in India. The menu features popular Indian dishes such as Paneer Tikka Masala and Fish Curry. The paramount feature about the restaurant is large meal portions just the way a desi likes it. The ambiance is not very lavish but good enough for someone who wants to see what a village restaurant or dhaba in India looks and tastes like.



It is a lavish and high end restaurant and the food served in it is inevitably high priced but the unmatched taste that takes your taste buds on an exquisite journey is surely going to make you conveniently ignore the high price. The award winning restaurant offers vegan, non-vegetarian and seafood with a diverse menu offering signature dishes like Salmon Tikka and Murgh Makhani. The restaurant also serves freshly baked naan. For the lovers of wine and whiskey, the restaurant offers above 40 different whiskies.

Antique Bazaar

Antique Bazar

The breathtaking architecture is the first thing that you will notice when you enter the well-designed restaurant. The restaurant has a heavily studded door and has guards on both sides that announce your royal entry to the royal restaurant. The carpeted floor along with antique furniture is a perfect depiction of old times. The specialties include Diwan Handi Gosht, Gosht Angaara and Machli Amritsari.

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Maharaja Bhog

Maharaja Bhoj

The restaurant offers vegetarian food exclusively in a premium veg thali that consists of two types of chutney and salad along with three types of pickles. Moreover the Thali contains two types of dal, three types of Indian bread and four types of vegetable cooked to perfection. The restaurant celebrates Vegetarianism in the preeminent and unmatched way.

Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal is a fine dining restaurant known for serving modern Indian cuisine by the world famous chef Atul Kochhar. Atul is a highly commended chef famous particularly in Britain. The inimitable feature of the restaurant is the exceptional Navratan menu. Navratan is the Hindi word that means nine jewels. Navratan menu contains nine signature dishes cooked in modern style. The ambiance of Rang Mahal ensures privacy to the visitors as the atmosphere is darkly lit and compliments the beautiful black and red interior. The signature dish of chef Atul, The Meen Moilley is essentially recommended for a great experience.

Options by Sanjeev Kapoor

options by Sanjeev kapoor

The most reliable and authentic source of Indian recipes is undoubtedly the highly talented Sanjeev Kapoor. The restaurant opens its gates to all those who are big fans of the famous chef and want to try the recipes straight from Sanjeev Kapoor’s kitchen. The place is known for serving the best Butter chicken in town with great vegetarian dishes as well.