Terminator Genisys 2015 Movie 2015 Review Trailer and Cast

TERMINATOR GENISYS 2015 Movie 2015 Review Trailer and Cast-YesGulf

At last the Terminator Genisys comes to the theaters and this time the old role of Terminator played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is back. In the last movie your favorite terminator didn’t show up but he did an excellent role in the new part which is Terminator Genesis. Before the release, people were confused about his potential to play the same action role. But he answered every one by playing Terminator as it meant to be played. The movie is full of action and adventure. There are so many worth watching scenes take a look at the trailer below.


When the movie starts a man known as Kyle Reese tells his story and tells how John Conner saved his life from the terminators. Kyle Reese becomes the right hand of John Conner and they start defeating all the robots. John Conner knows the robots will fall but he also knows that there is a secret weapon which will be used by the Skynet. So, John Conner attacks the headquarters of Skynet with all his army. But it is too late because Skynet sends a terminator back in time to kill John Conner’s mom Sarah Conner. John Conner decides to send his main man Kyle Reese in the past to save Sarah Conner. When Kyle Reese reaches 1984 he sees another Terminator who is the guardian of Sarah Conner but no one knows who has sent him. Sarah and the Terminator have already prepared for the Androids which are sent to kill Sarah. The Terminator builds a time machine so that they can go to 1997 which is when Skynet is activated but Kyle tells them that there is an inner voice which is telling him to go to 2017 and destroy Genisys before it is activated. So Sarah and Kyle goes to 2017 and the Terminator tells them that he’ll meet them there in 2017. Kyle and Sarah Conner are arrested in 2017 and someone you wouldn’t believe shows up.

Be ready to watch this movie filled with action, thriller and adventure. It’s going to release in UAE on the 16th of July. A great movie for youngsters as well as elders! You will find it in the following cinemas.


·         VOX Cinema

·         Novo Cinema

·         Reel Cinema