Suzy Nassif – Fata Morgana or the Witch of Portobello?

suzi - Suzy Nassif – Fata Morgana or the Witch of Portobello?

“I paint my dreams, your dreams, my reality, your reality, every tragedy, and comedy that exists around us! With every portrait, I portray a situation, a mood, or how I imagined it to be! It’s important to me to breathe life into a painting, to scream the silence of the viewer where they can relate to my art in a certain way.”_Suzi Nassif

Earlier this year, our amazing contemporary artist Suzi Nassif was featured in the book “Women and Art” written by Dr.Monica Mergiu. This is something that every artist dreams of. Suzi Nassif is a Lebanon born contemporary artist based in UAE as she states that “My 1st home gave me the sail! My second gave me the wind! And the world is my sea”. Suzi started to paint at a very young age, her talent made her special out of millions. The way she was able to interoperate the facial expressions and emotions of people is too vivid. Suzi has travelled around the world for inspiration and has incorporated her various experiences in her paintings. It can be said that her paintings are a reflection of her imagination and emotions.

She has achieved a lot throughout her carrier. Her work is praised by many art critics and art lovers around the entire globe. She has been honored with a wide range of awards for her tremendous work such as Palm award 2017 and Certificate of Excellence 2016. Her work is exhibited around the globe in various art events and galleries such as Exhibition at Ajman Saray, Dubai, 2015, the Address hotel 2015, Women in Art, Courtyard Gallery Exhibition Dubai 2008 and 2013.

Most of the Suzi’s work is inspired by various artists like Salvador Dali and Farida Kahlo, but she portrays her thoughts and emotions in her own artistic way that no one else can. The basic reason is that Suzi is strongly driven by her social interactions. The unstable political environment of Lebanon was a major factor contributing in developing her strong personality.

Moreover the use of acrylic colors in Suzi’s art work is overwhelming. Her paintings especially the mural with an Arab woman, represents the love and influence that Suzi have from UAE. Suzi Nassif has painted various art pieces but “Haqar the dream catcher” is a true presenter of her love for UAE. Her work is full of ambitions and aspirations. Most of her art revolve around women individuality and the need to value a woman’s aspirations. Not like any other artist Suzi loves to create art that is appealing to her when she herself is satisfied for what she has painted, it eventually ends up appealing to the audience. Every common woman desire to be like her because of her influencing art work.  Her work isn’t just appealing to eyes it also touch’s the soul which is the best thing to feel if you are an art lover.

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