Suzi Nassif Exhibits at EME Gallery, New York

Suzi Nassif Exhibits at EME Gallery New York - Suzi Nassif Exhibits at EME Gallery, New York

AUTOMATA, an exhibition, at EME Gallery Features Art by world famous artist, Suzi Nassif

EME Gallery the new born art gallery in Chelsea District has arranged for an art exhibition on 28th August, 2018. The exhibition is presenting the works of five different artists among whom Suzi Nassif is a well-known name. The exhibition will continue to for three weeks during which art lovers and art collectors are welcome to view and purchase the works by great artists. EME Gallery is a new vista for artists in New York. It is operating in New Chelsea which is hub of art in New York.

Four major artworks by Suzi Nassif will be displayed at EME Gallery during this exhibition. These four artworks reveal Nassif’s inspiration from Frida Kahlo, Van Gagh, and Dali. These featured artworks include: Trinity, Fridagogh, Fridali, and Fridalism. These artworks have also been displayed on her website and could be viewed easily.

Three of these major artworks are inspired by Frida Kahlo who was a symbol of radical feminism: Fridagogh, Fridali and Fridalism. FridaGogh shows two major artists Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo together. The artwork has been inspired by Grant Wood’s “Fridagogh” that reveals a mix of two eras in the word of art. Van Gogh beautiful sunflowers connects Suzi’s love for nature and her belief in its healing powers with modernism. This  painting presents a strong message about modern world of Charade where appearances matter more.  Fridali and Fridalism present Frida and Dali again a blend of two artists Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo. Dali – the surrealist artist whose works have been known for his fascination with Classical and Renaissance art, believed in the theory of automatism but in his mature artworks he appears to be relying more on the unconscious to reveal his surrealist ideas. Suzi Nassif has been strongly inspired by the realism in his art.

suzi pr - Suzi Nassif Exhibits at EME Gallery, New York

Suzi writes her views about how is driven by her own instincts when she presents Dali and Frida together. She states, “When I was painting Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo, I couldn’t help it but splash different flavors and colors onto canvas. It’s life the theory of cause and effect”. She chooses red and green and gold when she is painting Frida Kahlo the Mexican artist because she attributes freshness and liveliness with the radical woman. However, when it comes of painting Dali she chooses more serious shades of gery, silver, black and white.

Suzi Nassif’s artwork is unique from any contemporary artist’s work. She presents her love for the surrealists and the radical artists such as Grant Wood, Frida Kahlo, Dali Salvador and Van Gogh in her works. She paints these famous people to express her inspiration. In order to enjoy original artworks by Nassif attend “AUTOMATA” the exhibition at EME Gallery in New York. Impressive art by Nassif will certainly inspire and mesmerize you.

EME Gallery

530 West 25th Street #407

New York, NY 10001

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