Surrealism Artists of Modern Times

surrealism artist - Surrealism Artists of Modern Times

The surrealism art form was conceived in the early 1920s by the very pioneers of this ingenious form of artwork. Indeed the pioneer surreal artists who conceived this new art form became very famous for their contribution in the art world back then, they still remain famous though. You can count them, Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Man Ray, are some surrealism artists who left an indelible mark in the surrealist art scene. But does it mean that only they can be one to get all the credit for surreal art? No, we have some modern day artists who are continuing to do great works art.

The modern day surrealism artists are creating art that is magical, fantastic, attention-getting, and just simply so beautiful to look at. The tools that the modern day surreal artists are using may be different from those that were used by the original surreal artists of the time. But the kind of work they are producing is nevertheless the same with what was created back then.

Suzi Nassif

She is a modern day female surrealism artist who is highly talented and gets much of her inspiration from the legendary surrealism icon Salvador Dali. She managed to rise against all the odds in war ravaged country (Lebanon at the time) and cut a niche in the male dominated field. She continues to create some amazing pieces of surrealist art pieces that are wowing her admirers and critics alike.

Marco Escobedo

He is an amazing modern day surrealist artist who creates terrific works of digital art. He does this by relying on the digital platform known as PhotoShop to create amazing surrealistic photos. He may be cast aside as an odd surrealist artist because he isn’t working in the same medium as many other surrealist artists. However, the kind of work he has been able to create, from his digital platform rivals the works of even the most iconic artists in the industry.

George Grie

He is also another modern day surreal artist who creates digital surreal art. He is known to create digital art in both 2D and 3D formats. The other term that is frequently associated with this modern day digital surrealism artist is Photo-realism. You can find out more about this artist by going through his personal profile available on his official website.

Franck Picini

He is also yet another tech savvy modern day surreal artists who uses various tech tools to create modern surreal art. Through his artwork, you can get a glimpse of the interesting world that is hidden in his mind!

Greg Drasler

The works done by Greg are fun and exhibit creativity. The first time he came into prominence was way back in 1991 when his work was discussed in a New York Times article. He had participated on an art show together with other seven modern day surrealist artists. His modern surreal pieces of artwork continue to wow modern day surreal artists. He just like the other modern day surreal artists still have the time to keep on creating more surreal pieces.