How to stop Google tracking of location history?

Google map - How to stop Google tracking of location history?

Google apps and services that are turned on every smart phone will track wherever you are going. Every minute detail that is collected by the Google apps will amaze you and leave you spellbound. It becomes easy to retrieve this information. However, if you do not want the information to be tracked, you can delete the logs and limit its tracking ability. Google maps on every mobile will store everything about the places that you are travelling or visiting. You can see the locations you have visited so far in the Google Privacy Checkup. You can select the date and see the places and areas you have visited on that particular day. The data that it gives will amaze and surprise you. This gives the locations along with the time stamp that were recorded with your knowledge.

Google location tracking

A private map is created by Google with the help of location history to track where you are going with the devices that are signed in even though you are not using any of the Google services. The map searches will guide you through the unknown routes easily. If you do not want Google to store the places that you are travelling to maintain privacy, you can stop storing the history of the locations, which are stored.

Here is the step by step procedure that you need to follow to disable Google from keeping a track of your location history:

  1. Go to URL. You can bookmark this URL to you in the near future
  2. Scroll down to the “Location History” and tap “Manage Location History”. This is the place where you can see the places you have visited so far.
  3. Tap Manage Location History that is at the bottom of the screen
  4. Use toggle switch to move it to Turn Off the location history

By following the above steps, you can stop Google from tracking your location history completely.

If you would like to delete the previous records, you need to follow these steps:

  1. On the “Location History” map, tap “settings” button.
  2. Tap “Delete all Location History” to successfully delete the history of locations that were recorded. By doing so, you no more need to worry about others breaching your privacy.

Until and unless, you do not turn off the location history, Google will keep tracking all your locations that you are travelling without your knowledge. Though, Google keeps the information privacy, but if you do not want the records to be saved on the mobile, you can turn off immediately. The only reason for Google to track the location is to offer better recommendations and give a personalized experience to every user when are using the Google services.

You can also avoid Google from tracking your web activities by landing on this page Once you are on this page, use a toggle switch to turn off “Web & Activity” option. This helps you to browse whatever you want without your history being saved.



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