Soon to Reach UAE- Jaguar 2016 F-pace for Deluxe Drive

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Jaguar 2016 F-pace has officially launched in recently held Frankfurt Motor Show. And this luxury car is expected to be launched in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and some other countries in start of coming year 2016.

Review and Features:

With an exciting outlook, the most modern specifications, advanced technical attributes and a dazzling finish The 2016 Jaguar F-Pace lives up to the expected potential in the most effective way possible. The car allows the users to have the luxury of choosing the engine of their choice. It comes in two versions i.e. with the Petrol and the Diesel Engines.

The capacity of the car is astoundingly higher when it comes to its truck capacity and can take up the count to 650 Liters. The classy style and the astonishing speed of the car is an ultimate delight to every passing eye. The car might cross you in a mere blink of an eye so you need to keep your eyes opened for a longer while to see this wonder car going at a maximum speed of 250 Km/h in front of you.

The performance of the car reaches all top tiers due to the presence of some of the most striking features that are part of the interior and the exterior of the Jaguar F-Pace. There is an extensive navigation system installed inside the car which can support up to 8 devices and can feed you with massive global reach.

The Aluminum laded body is impeccable and highly resistant to any minor or major damages. The automatic transmission of the Petrol version of the car enables it to go beyond the limits of the high speed as it can reach from 0-100 kph in merely 5.3 seconds with the 375HP Petrol version.

Diesel engines are turbo charged and are a modern day sports car invention themselves. The car is an automatic choice for all real car lovers who wish to experience the best speed and the best comfort altogether.

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Length:  4731 mm

Wheel Base Size:  2874mm

Trunk Capacity:  650 Liter

Engines:  Petrol/ Diesel

Patrol Engine Options

Drive: Rear Wheel and All Wheel Options

Engine Horse Power for Rear Wheels: 237 HP

Engine Horse Power for All Wheels: 335 and 375 HP

Maximum Top Speed: 250 Km/h

Diesel Engine Options:

Engine Type: 2 Liter Turbo Charged/ Dual Turbo Charged 3 Liter V6 Engine

Horse Power for 2 Liter Engine: 178 hp

Horse Power for 3 Liter V6: 300 HP