Some Useful Acrylic Painting Techniques

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Acrylic painting on canvas brings the artist’s subject to life realistically. If an artist needs to create an unbelievable acrylic painting, he will need some experience with useful techniques. Do you want to experiment with some acrylic painting techniques? Let me give you some examples that you can use in a number of ways to bring new dimensions to your works.


  1. Glazing


Glazing technique brings the photorealist painting to life. The paint is translucent and able to show the underneath colors. Most importantly, glazing transforms the colors underneath and the painting begins to develop a sense of form. To avoid a blotchy look smoothen the painting surface. Acrylic painting on canvas may have some bumpy areas where paint pigments can settle.

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  1. Dry brushing


Ever wondered how you can depict rocks or grass textures? Try out one of the acrylic painting techniques, fondly called dry brushing. The technique is easy. You only need a few items to accomplish it such as a soft brush, stiff brush, a clean rag, and acrylic paint to make the paint feathery. Most of all, keeping the same brushstroke throughout the paint creates visual unity. Before you use the water-based acrylic media squeeze the brush. Load the brush with a thick but little paint and apply quickly.


  1. impasto


Impasto technique inspires a spontaneous approach artist uses to throw on the paint. Amongst the acrylic painting techniques, impasto creates an illusion of detail whereas none exists. An impressionist artist uses the impasto technique to produce amazing effects. It is one of the greatest acrylic painting techniques for painting outdoors.


  1. knife painting


Acrylic knife painting is fast and fun. It produces expressive gestures with an interesting effect.  Knife painting is one of the acrylic painting techniques that give inspiring pieces of artwork.


  1. Washing

Acrylic paints mimic watercolor since the artist can thin the paint with water to make it flow smoothly. The thin paint can make exceptional masterpieces for art lovers.

4k wallpaper abstract abstract painting 1451567 400x278 - Some Useful Acrylic Painting Techniques

  1. Stenciling


Any artist who wishes to paint abstract masterpieces can make use of stenciling. Stenciling is a medium an artist can use to highlight the interplay of textures and colors. In addition, you can apply colors in multiples shapes and geometric patterns.


  1. Sponging


A sponge is not as expensive as a brush. If you want to transform little space with less paint, sponging is one of the Acrylic painting techniques that you may need to get a quick textural look. It is easier to fix an erroneous spot with sponging just camouflaging the uneven surface. Alternatively, use the technique to emphasize the artwork’s imperfections. It is easier to grasp the sponging technique. If you apply the technique unprofessionally, the painting will look tacky.


Finally, many contemporary artists use a variety of tools they have on hand to achieve different effects. You need to prime acrylic painting on canvas because the acrylic tends to be transparent. You can work on an acrylic painting on canvas freehand from your artist’s imagination. Just imagine working before sketching with acrylic paints. When acrylics were first created, they were chalky but now that is water under the bridge. The quality is now refined for making vibrant paintings.



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