Smartphone Addiction

Smartphone Addiction - Smartphone Addiction

A day without my smart phone! Are you kidding me, how come it is possible!

This is the most common response we hear when we ask a youngster to start his day without cell phone. The scenario is not just with the youngsters but also the grown up adults with a bundle of responsibilities feel the same about smartphones. Even a mother reports that she must check her phone in every 30 minutes.  One of my neighbors Mrs. Smith, just a few days back, said to me; the more I use it the more I get an urge to look at it. The technology is over taking our lives with every passing minute. This increase in the use of technology is regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, career or even economic status. Gadgets have become our best friends now.  we perform a number of daily task on out palm top, each day.

Below is the chart starting right from definition of smart phone addiction and discussing its signs and symptoms that are well complied by

Smartphone Addiction