Skin care with jojoba oil

jojoba oil - Skin care with jojoba oil

You must have heard about jojoba oil but you may be not aware of its benefits for skin. It is tremendously useful and jojoba oil cures many skin issues. Jojoba oil is derived from the jojoba plant which is purely natural.  Cold pressed Jojoba oil is a blessing for hair as well as for skin. It is rich in vitamin E and B, copper, selenium and zinc. Guess what? This oil is beneficial for any type of skin. Here major benefits and uses of jojoba oil:

Soothes for dry skin:

Jojoba oil contains anti-inflammatory properties that prevent redness, dryness from face and keeps your skin comfortable and calm. VITAMIN E and B in the jojoba oil help to repair the skin damages.

How to use:

Apply two to three drops of jojoba oil on your face and massage slightly with fingers. Leave for overnight. You must follow this procedure thrice in a week.

Good for oily skin:

 Oily skin rapidly collect the dust and makes your skin to be washed frequently. If you are tried to use different masks and your skin is still oily, I recommend you to use jojoba oil to control oil from your skin. Jojoba contains sebum which reduces oiliness from your skin. But for effective results you must use natural cold pressed jojoba oil.

How to use:

Use 3 to 4 drops of jojoba oil daily. Make sure that you are using natural jojoba oil.

Facial cleanser and moisturizing:

Same like coconut oil, jojoba oil is also very good to moisturize skin in summers and winters. Jojoba oil absorb gently in the skin which is also the natural way to cleanse your skin from dirt and bacteria. You can also add jojoba oil in your dry base or used as primer.

How to use as a face cleanser:

Place 3 to 4 drops of jojoba oil on cotton ball and swipe through the skin.

Jojoba oil as a lip balm:

Jojoba oil can be used for chapped, dry lips and used as lip moisturizer. You have no need to buy expensive lip balms if you have jojoba oil with you. Moreover, you can make quickly DIY by melting coconut oil, shea butter and jojoba oil in tubes or small container, or you can use jojoba oil individually.

Baby skin healer:

Since jojoba oil is to repair damage that prevents from all types of damages and bacteria. Babies’ skin is very sensitive skin and most of the mummies are tired to use medicated oils for babies. So to get rid from the medicated and chemicals oils you to have buy organic jojoba oil for your babies. This oil can be an effective and healing moisturizer for babies.

How to use:

You can add few drops of jojoba oil in the bath water of baby to hydrate their skin.

Jojoba oil blends:

Many of the essential and carrier oils are blend together to get rid of skin issues. Jojoba oil is one of the finest oils to be used as a blend with essential oil like lavender, rosehip, geranium, peppermint, tea tree and orange.

How you can choose the best quality of jojoba oil:

The benefits and uses of jojoba oil in my article are all about cold pressed jojoba oil. There are many brands providing essential jojoba oil which is highly concentrated and not safe for skin.

Jojoba oil should be high quality and not be un-refined. Make sure that it is 100% cold pressed.

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