Simplest Modern Portrait Painting Buying Guide

Simplest Modern Portrait Painting Buying Guide

You should invest in art, because the art invests in your life one way or another. Having said that, if you ask people around you about buying paintings, they will give you different answers.

The following article will help you make your mind for buying modern art paintings for sale.


This is a very important factor. Surely you appreciate the Rembrandt, made by Van Gogh but you will obviously “think” about buying it, even if you are a millionaire.

Compare the price of art you see from multiple sources. While comparing the price, be sure to look for authenticity. Who knows, you might get tricked into buying fake black and white art while saving couple of hundreds.

Material Matters

A wooden painting will arguably cost you more than stone work. It depends what kind of material do you want?

Wood, acrylic artwork…the list is endless.

When buying art, you will be shown a wide range of product. All these products because of imagination of their creator. You will traverse inside the fathomless ocean of imagination and it is only fair that you buy what you and your loved ones are fond of.

Size of Painting

Maybe you like a painting which has the size of an average wall, while you can only afford the space of a small painting in your apartment.

One good tip to get a good painting is to picture your house and think which painting will look good where?

A small size mismatch is often no problem. But when you are talking about larger areas, it is not wise to make such decisions.

Oil Paintings Vs Canvas Paintings

There are some sellers who offer to sell their canvas paintings rather cheaply, because they are “finished with oils”.

Generally, oil paintings are much reliable and they retain their colors in the long run. Also, it takes days, sometimes weeks for oil to get dry on a painting. It is a hassle to make oil paintings but when the final product is ready, it is worth the time and money.

All these qualities make them expensive so make sure you are getting your money’s worth. There are many trusted places where you can find modern art paintings for sale.

Who Created What?

There are famous painters and there are painters who are not yet famous. Their name has a value. That name value is obviously 10000x larger than an amateur who paints as a hobby.

However, this doesn’t mean that expensive paintings are better than inexpensive ones.

You are investing your own money in art. Select which art speaks to you. If you are in particular, fond of someone’s work, be sure to check out their latest work inside the art store.

Otherwise it is okay to give other people chances too. When people like you take the initial steps to support new artists, they get confidence and make better paintings. You can look into black and white art Dubai for instance.

In the end, people are just people. Those who are made famous become famous painters while those who do not receive a kind notion of art aesthetics, sadly don’t make it to alpha category.

It is recommended to check out the acrylic artwork along with other beautiful paintings.

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