Simon Pegg Tom Cruise-Plane Stunt in Mission Impossible-what next

Simon Pegg; Tom Cruise-Plane Stunt in Mission Impossible-what next!-YesGulf

Rouge- the most impossible mission taken by Ethan and his team until now. The eradication of an international organization, equally skilled and equipped as they are, committed to destroying the IMF.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation latest of the mission impossible series starring Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg and Rebecca Ferguson along with many others is directed by Christopher McQuarrie.


The shoot started in August 2014 in Austria and was done by the end of March 2015. The movie is scheduled to be presented in different parts of the world including UK on the 30 of July 2015 and the United States on the same day. However, in UAE the movie will show up in theaters on 6th of August 2015. The movie is presented by paramount pictures the screenplay is done by Drew Pearce and Will Staples.

In the past few weeks the behind- the-scene features of the Mission impossible Rogue Nation highlighted the death-defying stunts with a plane shot by Tom Cruise. The stunts were discussed by the co-star Simon Pegg now!


“Yeah! A casual day on the sets of MI5, when Tom was hanging on the side of the plane. It is must for the audience to know that it was Tom and not a Stuntman. It adds a high degree tension if you know that the leading role and the actor, by himself is doing the death defining stunt. However, it is also important for the film to have an extra layer of tension and the audience with crossed fingers, saying that; he is actually doing it by himself. He is one the side of the plane flying high and the motor bike with which he just hit the guy following him.” Says Pegg. He added by saying that; “the most astonishing thing about Mr. Cruise is that he make everything appreciative. He enjoys doing all such things. For sure it is not the fact that these things are easy to handle, it’s because they are not and they are challenging and they take a lot of efforts to get done and that is what he likes while doing so.” He added; “I have a serious concern if we go for MI 6 he will be going to go into it as he is not able to get any higher”