Setup bedroom for Toddlers with vibrant add-ons

Published: 2015-04-28 5:58 PM | Yesgulf

girl toddler bedroom decorations in green - Setup bedroom for Toddlers with vibrant add-ons

With kids, shades of life become more enchanting. But having a baby means additional responsibilities. You have to come up with your kids ever growing necessities and demands.

For your infant, you may only need a cot in your bedroom which you can decorate as per your taste. Also, his daily used accessories can be adjusted in your room easily. However, the time your baby starts trying to escape the cot (smart one’s often create such troubles) is the right time demanding you to see the world from his eyes.

Yes, at crossing the infant age children’s actual taste starts developing and they don’t hesitate to express. Accordingly, you must add flavors to their lives. Life of kids especially the preschoolers usually revolves around their bedroom.

Honestly speaking it was not an easy task for me to create a room for my toddler catering all his needs. ‘Multicolor’ and ‘vibrant’ were two things in my mind when I started decorating her room. You can separate some area in their room (if it’s spacious enough) to create fabulous playing zone for them. How you can do this all? Let me help you out.

Theme Based Room:                                           

You cannot deny the fact that kids attract toward colorful and exciting things. The best thing you can do is to setup a theme bedroom for your kid. This will help in boosting up your child’s imagination and creativity.  Home Centre in UAE, is the best place to order theme bed for your toddler. Here you can get cozy bed with comfy pillows and mattress to give outclass sleep to your kid.

To create a colorful, electrifying and funky decorative room for your toddler, you are required to add interesting assortment of storage boxes, chest of drawers and wardrobe etc.

Theme Based Room
Theme Based Room

Toy House:

Toddler means ‘family of toys’ all around you. I often find toys in my kitchen’s lower cabinets (hats off to my 3 years old). But mothers always have a solution to such teething troubles that kids love to create for them.  Without any delay, I made a nice looking toy house in his room.

Living in Dubai, I love shopping from Homes r Us for my home décor. It also features the junior home range that is full of captivating bedroom essentials.

Toy House
Toy House

Add Extra Drawers:

You can remove the clutter of excess toys by adding in-drawer apartment or chest of 3-4 drawers in his room. Here you can also place his garments. IKEA offers great range of all these accessories to perk up you toddlers’ dwelling.

Add Extra Drawers
Add Extra Drawers

Keep things at toddler-level

Ensure that your toddler can reach out easily to everything (from toys to preschool learning materials). For this you can add floor cabinets.

Keep things at toddler-level
Keep things at toddler-level

Hey Moms! What are you waiting? Your infant is a toddler now. Don’t delay and setup his bedroom with stylish, exciting and funky stuff.

Enhance your toddler’s bedroom décor with an interesting assortment of theme beds, lamps and an entire vibrant collection of fun accessories. Replace old things and add interesting and attractive stuff to match contrasting home décor styles.

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