Selfies Can’t Replace the Portrait Art Traditions

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Is portrait art the same as selfies or are they the old school equivalent of the modern selfies that people take these days from their smart devices such as tablets or Smartphones? Selfies have become quite common these days. In fact selfies trends have taken over the social media platforms so much that some art lovers are beginning to think that they are replacing the portrait art traditions that have been in place since ancient times. Is this notion really true? Well, to find out about the truth that there is about this subject it will be best to find out about the differences and similarities about the two.

What is a selfie?

beautiful beauty casual 1101597 - Selfies Can’t Replace the Portrait Art TraditionsSelfies can be defined as a photo that you take of yourself using a digital device such as Smartphone or a webcam and is typically shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter or Instagram. Selfies can be taken almost be anybody who owns a Smartphone or a webcam while self portraits are typically created by artists who are experienced in artwork. There are some people who believe that selfies actually don’t have much depth as they are just photos people take to capture those fun moments in their lives.

What of a self portrait?

Self portraits in true sense are different from selfies because they actually carry some idea and meaning. There is a message that self-portraits carry that selfies don’t have. And a close investigation on self portraits will reveal to you that artists are usually inspired to create self portraits. A portrait is usually a result of some deep thinking or feeling as opposed to just wanting to capture fun moment or exude admiration from people. Self portraits do not just carry an emotion but will also arouse it from a person viewing it.

So is it really true that the selfies trend has affected portrait art?

Why Portrait Art appeals to majorityIt is no secret that the selfies trends have greatly gained popularity and this is partly due to technological advancement and also due to the advent of social media platforms. Selfies are just loved by just anybody and they need not necessarily be art enthusiasts. Art lovers still love self portraits because they do so for their own reasons. This is why you will still find portrait painters in Dubai still creating their artwork. Art is really quite different from personal photography and art lovers usually just appreciate art for its uniqueness and innovation. Lovers of Suzi Nassif paintings for instance will tell you that they love her pieces of artwork for their various reasons.

Self portrait art can take a number of mediums while selfies are basically made via the digital electronic medium. The portrait painters in Dubai usually create various works of self portraits in varied mediums which may include acrylic artwork and canvas painting.

In as much as the selfies trend has taken Dubai by storm just like it has everywhere else, lovers of real self portrait paintings Dubai will continue loving what they believe in.

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