Sand Storm Hits UAE

IMG 1530 - Sand Storm Hits UAE

Sandstorm in UAE instigating reduced visibility and drop in temperature along with decreased mobility!


Residents are advised to stay at home and away from the beach as sea conditions are not very pleasant too.


Things got pretty dusty this morning at UAE. As the residents woke up and found sand storm has hit UAE causing decreased visibility and they are advised to stay at home as a safety measure.






Schools have also been closed in some areas to ensure outdoor activity stays minimum. NCMS has warned that visibility will be lesser than 500 meters therefore Motorcyclists, particularly, are advised to commute at lowest speed.

The weather is predicted to be little cloudy especially near coastal areas. Humidity in the air will rise in the morning and at night. Dust in the air will keep visibility poor.

Sandstorms have hit UAE in the past too. During the season of summer, as the low pressure develops over the region it causes strong north westerly winds to blow from KSA.


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